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Why Netflix Scrapped ‘Party Mode’ Feature On Xbox 360 Game Consoles?

Netflix was available in Xbox 360 for quite some time now. People using Netflix on their Xbox 360 game consoles think that the service was much better in the past when there were certain features available on the platform such as ‘Party Mode’. However, Netflix removed this feature later without letting customers know the reasons.

Half a decade ago, Xbox 360 users were able to watch their favorite Netflix movies remotely with their friends and family by synchronizing video playback. This feature was a hit among Xbox 360 users, but then Netflix decided to scrap it. If you think that Netflix removed this feature on the request of the customers, then you are wrong.

Customers never wanted the removal of this feature, and when Netflix got rid of the feature, people instead started complaining about the absence of ‘Party Mode’ feature and wanted it back on the platform. Netflix after listening to the complaints and requests of the customers decided to bring back ‘Party Mode’. So, if you are using Netflix on your Xbox 360, then you will be able to use this feature without any issue.

If you haven’t been able to find that feature in the Netflix on your Xbox 360, then there is some problem with your Netflix app. You will have to go to an Xbox user voice website, the link of which is as follows: You will have to vote in the favor of the feature. Thousands of users have already voted in favor of it, so you need to do the same. Netflix has always listened to the requests of their customers and done what is right for business. Therefore, you will definitely be able to get the feature sooner than expected.

Netflix ‘Party Mode’ was one of those Netflix features that were confined to Xbox owners. The feature couldn’t be used on any other device, which is why Xbox users used to feel fortunate, but then, Netflix decided to scrap the feature, causing an uproar among the users. This particular feature has a big social value because it used to connect Xbox users with one another and share common experiences.

When ‘Party Mode’ became no longer available on Xbox 360, users had no other option but to find other ways to access the same feature using other tools. The most common method would be to pause the content at the same time, but in order to make this method work perfectly, people will have to practice a bit. This method fails to work when someone requires buffering.

Many users are also quite positive about the fast approaching project ‘Scorpio’ as they feel that Netflix ‘Party Mode’ is going to make its way back into the platform on this new game console.

‘Party Mode’ is absent from Netflix since 2011, and it’s been 7 years since users have been demanding for the revival of the feature in Netflix. There are certainly some alternatives by which the feature can be enjoyed again, but it would be better if Netflix provides the feature to its users.


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