Why Is Roku 4 Sound Bar Not Working Properly With HBO Go And VUDU?

Roku and HBO

Roku 4 is available on the market, and it supports all streaming apps that you could think of. Roku 4 also supports HBO GO, and if you want to access content from HBO GO, then make sure that you perform HBOGO com activate in the right manner.

About Roku4

It has a “Roku 4” device icon embossed on top of it. Roku 4 also has a lot of features inside it than just looking good. It comes with an HDMI 2.0 which is capable of 4K streaming at 60 frames per second. Earlier, HDMI 1 used to struggle to stream 4K at 24fps. Roku player now supports HBO GO, which is an amazing streaming app that consists of a wide range of movies and exclusive content. In order to watch all this, you need to HBO GO activate using the official HBO GO website.

With so many devices now supporting HBO GO, it is important to check whether you have HBO GO activate device because if your device is not supported by HBO GO, then you won’t be able to watch anything.

This Roku has a quad-core processor inside it with 2GB of RAM making it one of the most competitive and future-proof internet TV streaming machine in the market. Roku 4, as all Roku devices support spotlight, search too. Spotlight search includes more than 30 channels which show cumulative results on searching.

Roku search is also much unbiased. If a third party app is showing a movie for free while Roku is charging for it, unlike Apple TV, Roku will show that app on top. Nowadays almost every app is being inbuilt with spotlight search API. This Roku also comes with a smart remote. This remote has click mechanism buttons which give you a vintage remote feeling. However, these remotes have swipe gesture, connecting to Wi-Fi hence they have a weirdly high range.

Features of Roku OS7 and peripherals

These remotes also come with an inbuilt wireless jack. This earphone jack is best for private listening. This feature allows us to the mute TV while listening to the TV from our headphones which are plugged into the remote. If you have installed HBO GO on your Roku player, but are not able to watch anything, then you can take HBO support.

Since Roku comes with an amazing hardware. Roku OS7 supporting devices have inbuilt support for a mobile app for Roku devices. This mobile app allows us to use our cell phone to control Roku and perform all functions, in fact even more than remote. It also allows private listening to stream through mobile phone headphone jack.

However, if we are using a Bluetooth headphone set, there will be a considerable latency in audio depending upon your smartphones and headphones Bluetooth version and headphone compatibility. Roku 4 with Roku OS7 also provides many new features like following using which we can follow an actor or director and whenever something new pops up it will show us.

How to use HBO GO with Roku

The process of using HBOGO with Roku is quite simple. The only thing that you need to do is install HBOGO on your Roku device. Then, you will have to perform HBO activate. For that, you can log onto the official site of HBOGO. It is from this link that you will be able to get all the information regarding HBOGO. So, go to HBO GO help link to get the right activation code.

You should check out all the features of HBO streaming service before installing it on Roku player. HBO GO has a lot to offer to the entertainment seekers, so you can get this app for your Roku player and start to enjoy world-class entertainment.

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