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Why Didn’t HBO GO Join Hands With Any Local Operator In Europe?

With HBO GO stretching its wings outside of the US, it seems like the next market that HBO GO is planning to focus in Europe, which is why it has launched the service in multiple European countries. HBO GO is available without any contract with any local operator service.

“Game of Thrones”, “Westworld” or “Wataha” will now be available to all Internet users, not only to those who bought the HBO TV package.

The fact that in 2017 the possibility of legally viewing HBO production on the Internet was only available to HBO package owners under a contract with a television or telecommunications operator, it was highly absurd.

The most interesting was why the HBO authorities do not want to open to hundreds of thousands of fans of TV series such as “Game of Thrones” or “Westworld” and just like other streaming platforms simply start earning them, instead of earning the title of the most-wanted pirated production every year Internet.

The small revolution appeared in November 2017, when both HBO and CANAL + opened their libraries for contemporary viewers who are dreaming of concluding fixed-term contracts with any cable operator or digital platform.

Station materials began to be available on and IPLA as special packages for purchase for 30 days. The fact that their price left a lot to be desired, but the first step was made. Now a real breakthrough is coming – access to HBO GO for all Internet users in Poland from March 2018.

HBO GO available without the need for any contracts and operators

HBO GO after being launched into the European market has become an instant hit. Back in the day, HBO GO could only be accessed without having a contract with any operator. But, this was changed from March 2018.  Users were able to watch content on HBO GO without needing contracts with any operators. They could easily view HBO GO platform materials, and so all the phenomenal productions of original stations, which still, despite their efforts, is not able to catch even Netflix with their series and movies.

However, HBO decided to learn from Netflix and similar platforms and run an independent package for Internet users only. Most likely operators will still be able to sell their TV packages with access to HBO GO. The option to purchase access only on the Internet will be an additional option.

HBO GO – how much does it cost?

It has come to the knowledge that the price of monthly access to the platform is much lower than the monthly fees for Netflix. HBO didn’t announce as to how exactly would the service be and what could be the price of it when it launched the service in Europe. But, when it announced the price and the details of the service, it has spread a stream of joy among the customers because it was just $14.99 a month.

Last year, the company started the process of making HBO GO independent from third-party agreements on European markets. In 2017, Internet users from Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Hungary started using the independent service.

HBO GO is looking to capitalize on the European market because they know that millions of Europeans are looking forward to quality content that is produced in the US. Moreover, streaming services like HBO GO, Netflix and Hulu will encourage local media houses to create a quality TV series just like how US media houses are doing in large numbers.



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