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What’s New In Hulu Live TV Update With Personalized Search Feature?


Hulu always keeps on updating its OS version in order to provide best to the users so that they feel satisfied with the service. In its latest news, Hulu is soon going to roll out an update which includes ‘live update’ and ‘personalized’ feature. Today, in this post we are going to discuss it in details. You must read this guide for a quick overview of these features.

Overview of Hulu new live TV guide

Though the feature, which is going to release in the new update was also available in existing version of Hulu but in this update, the search field is a little bit refined. You will be able to search content easily with new update because the search function is made available only on those contents which are being broadcasted right now.

Ben Smith, Vice president at Hulu office in his press conference said that the company is reviewing the update which is soon going to launch to the public. Some users always prefer on-demand shows because of their hectic schedules and they are not able to watch the show on their actual broadcast time. They prefer live TV only for watching news and sports. You can access ‘Live’ TV feature from ‘Navigation’ menu given under ‘Home’ icon. Click on ‘Home’ icon followed by a right-click on ‘Navigation’.

As far as its interfacing is concerned, it’s totally different. It’s something similar to cable network interfacing. There is no need to scroll up and down to select your favorite show from the list of thousands of shows. Only the content which is broadcasted now or going to start within a couple of hours will be displayed on the screen. If you want to search for already broadcasted content, then you are required to go to simple search option from the home menu. The company views for interfacing feature seems realistic than before. Earlier, they put efforts for providing best user-interface but now they are working on providing similar or exact results for what the user has searched.

When you bring your mouse cursor on any channel, you will find the green label at the bottom of the screen indicating you about the time left for the completion of the running show or when the next program is going to start. You can check the list of coming up shows easily from here. If the time at which your favorite show comes is not convenient for you, then you can check the same show under ‘on-demand’ shows list. From there, you can watch it anytime as per your convenience.

Stopping suggestions and remove watch history

There is an amazing feature added in the new update I.e. Stop suggestion and remove watch history. With ‘Stop suggestion’ feature, you can stop notification for all those shows which you don’t want to watch at all. All the suggestions related to this show will be turned off on your screen. If you want to enable this feature again, then you can do so by clicking on the icon given next to ‘Add to my stuff’. Another significant feature which we have mentioned just in the starting of this passage is ‘Remove from search history’. With this feature, you can remove all the searches made by you recently. This purpose of adding this feature is to hide the personal account details from friends or colleagues if they are using the same device. Apart from this, if you don’t want your Hulu to show the recommendations based on recent searches, then this feature is best for you.


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