What Steps to Take If Netflix App Cease to Work on Your iPhone?

Technical Bulls

Netflix app is so popular these days that everybody wants to subscribe to it. People are using Netflix app on their smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops and all other devices that support Netflix. You will find a number of users accessing Netflix on their Apple devices. Netflix works smoothly on Apple iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and MacBook. But, some iPhone users have complained about Netflix not being able to work on iPhone.

Technical Bulls

It is quite normal for an app to stop functioning on smartphones. As Netflix is also an application, and people are not being able to access it on iPhone, there is nothing to worry. The problem of ‘Netflix not working on iPhone’ can be solved by taking certain steps:

Steps to fix the problem of Netflix app not working on Apple iPhone:

Restart your iPhone

The first step of troubleshooting begins with restarting your iPhone. You have no idea how many problems can be solved by just restarting your device, so do it right now. There are certain apps that run in the background, which could create problems, so restarting the phone may solve the problem. Moreover, there is no harm in restarting the phone, so you must press that power button and restart your phone.

Check your Wi-Fi connection

If you are accessing Netflix over Wi-Fi network, then you need to check if the Wi-Fi is working properly or not. If there is any issue with the signal, then you won’t be able to stream in a proper manner. You can check the speed of your network on various websites for speed test.

Forget your Wi-Fi network

If you have tried all the things, but are not able to stream your favorite shows from Netflix over Wi-Fi connection, then you need to stop toggling your Wi-Fi off/on. Make use of another method, i.e., forget the Wi-Fi network, and after that, enter the password for the network so as to make a connection with it. The problem could be in the Wi-Fi network, so you need to pay attention towards it more than anything else.

Close and re-open Netflix app

The problem in accessing Netflix app on your phone could give rise to frozen or jittery videos. If you want to resolve this issue, then turn off the application, restart the phone and turn on the app again.

Check for updates

If there is a new update available for Netflix app, then you must get that update, as the problem of Netflix app not working on iPhone could be resolved by updating the app. If the app is up-to-date, then check if there is any update available for the device OS. If there is, then update the OS of your iPhone.

Remove the app and reinstall it

If you have tried all above steps, then you can try one more, i.e., remove Netflix app from your iPhone, restart the app, download the app from Appstore and install the app. Maybe the version you were using earlier was having some problem. Try this method and see if it works or not.

Check Netflix server status

If the Netflix server is down, then you won’t be able to stream anything. Moreover, you can’t do anything about the situation except wait until the server gets back up. 

Reset iPhone settings

If all steps failed to work, then you can reset iPhone settings. You can even reinstall the operating system if you want. 

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