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Watch the Top HBO Shows With HBO Subscription.

If you are studying or teaching at Manhattan College, then there’s an opportunity provided to you by HBO Go service provider. You can watch your favorite shows, movies, and episodes in your premises itself with the help of HBO Go subscription. The company is providing special offers to the students of Manhattan. You just need to have supported device for playback of your specific movies and shows. Apart from this, a valid email for login is required to start entertainment service. Now, we are going to discuss top-rated shows, which you can enjoy on your TV.


  • Games of Thrones:

This is one of the most watched show. This series of the show includes the drama of an old era to present era. The company has started broadcasting this show in Manhattan College. You will find all the family and social relations in this show. The important topics like family, dragon, and war have been discussed in this show. If you are fond of watching love and romance, then it is filled with this joy. This show has covered seven kingdoms in its series of programs. All the series are different from one another and interest will be created on its own after watching a single show. The artists have described everything in a pictorial manner.

  • Sex and the city:

As implies from the name, this show is related to women who indulge themselves in sexual activities. They do prank with male and arouse them to have sex with her. You will find stories related to fashion and life of 4 women who live in the New York City of America. You will find how a woman changes within a fraction of seconds. This show has also showcased how the living standard of present era woman changed from that of 1990’s. The attitude and moral behavior are totally changed in women now.

  • Insecure:

Another best and most watched show on HBO is ‘Insecure’. This show will make you go back to the old times when love and romance were a lot more exciting than it is today. You will find the witty, honest and unique approach to women for a love and romance. Basically, the idea of this show has been taken from the ‘Issa Rae’ web series. The most amazing thing about this show is that caption along with each dialog will appear on the screen so you can understand it properly.

  • Big Little Lies:

In this show, there are 4 women, which are, Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley, Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon. They play different roles of women. You will find the relation between wives, mother, and sister. Apart from this, minor fights with husband over the petty issue can be seen in this show. If you have a family, then you love to watch this show. This show is ending with a good climax. You will watch it till it lasts. The story keeps on creating in every show. If you are living near the sea in the mansion, then more than 90% people watch this show at this place. You will be eager to watch its next episode after watching the previous one. Here, we want to add another thing that Meryl Streep is soon going to join the crew team for coming up the season.

So, these are 4 must watch shows which you can watch after HBO subscription.


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