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Voice Assistant and Smart Speakers from Roku Coming Out Soon.

Roku is a serious campaigner when it comes to adding new features. Roku never backs down from challenges because the company is aware of the fact that it is these challenges, which make the company better. Roku was doing well in its ‘content streaming’ space, but there has been news going on all around the internet, including social media that the company is in the process of making its own voice assistant.

Technical Bulls

Roku’s voice assistant, I mean ‘wow’, this company has the knack to surprise its customers. There wasn’t any need to come into this niche, but that’s Roku for you. With this voice assistant, Roku plans on competing with some of the industry’s well-established voice assistance services such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google Assistant. So, what will Roku name its voice assistant, that’s the question in everybody’s mind? Well, let me kill the suspense by mentioning the magic word which will be used to get the tasks done using voice commands. The word that you will have to say is ‘Roku’ only. 
  • Who will get this ‘voice-assistant’ feature?

When Roku launches a feature into the market, it wants everybody to enjoy it, including those who have bought the company’s device a few years ago. This is what will happen now. All the streaming devices and smart TVs with a ‘Roku’ logo on them will have this voice assistant feature. There will be a software update, which will run automatically, thus resulting in the inclusion of this amazing feature. The official name of this voice assistant is ‘Roku Entertainment Assistant’, but there is no need to call such a big name, as only ‘Roku’ will also do the job. You just need to say, ‘Roku, play Eminem’s song from his latest album in the guest room’.
  • What’s more in the offing?

Roku is not stopping after creating a voice assistant, but it has got plans for the rest of your house as well. Roku’s voice assistant is going to be available in smart speakers as well, but it won’t be Roku who will be making the speakers. Roku has partnered with some of the top companies who manufacture speakers, audio systems, and soundbars, so Roku is going to make some arrangements in order to label their brand name on those gadgets. The first company that announced Roku branded device was TCL.
The operating system on which the audio gadgets would work will be provided by Roku. So, users will be able to connect to those audio gadgets wirelessly and perform a number of things such as syncing audio, etc. Moreover, it will be possible for users to control all the gadgets with a Roku remote and not to forget, voice commands. Till now, it is only confirmed that users will be able to control music and videos, but a lot more can be done with voice commands, it’s just that users don’t know about those things.
It is worth waiting for this feature because when it is going to appear on the market, it will become an instant hit. It already is because it’s been trending worldwide. Roku really knows how to capitalize at the right time because, with ‘voice assistant’ feature, Roku is definitely going to rock the world of digital and wireless streaming.


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