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Using Secret Netflix Codes to Unlock Hidden Movie Categories

Netflix always give its viewers a lot of content and stuff to watch so that they will never be out of content. But there is a lot more hidden content in Netflix that you can watch if you know some simple tricks.

The content on Netflix is never less but the movies content might be less in it as it was a few years ago, but there is always still more content that is enough to keep you busy and entertain all the time by the ever-changing choices to scroll each time you sit to watch. The best way to search the content is to follow the illist Entertainment. It is dedicated to tell you the best movies and shows that you can stream at a time like the new documentaries and new stuff that is being added every month. You can use Netflix Help Center to get information about the stuff that is available at the Netflix.

If you want to make your browsing experience better with Netflix, then you must know about the secret genre codes of Netflix, that will take you out of the not so helpful categories like action or comedy. These genre codes are very helpful specially if you are in a mood to see a super specific movie or a TV show.

The hidden master list of content category of Netflix is massive. It has been organized into thousands of genres and there are as specific as you can imagine they could be. The collection has the all types of movies from Deep Sea Horror Movies to Suspenseful movies starring Michael Caine to campy Crime Comedies. To start exploring click on What’s on Netflix or NetflixCodes.me if you have your Netflix Com Activate to find the list of micro genres along with their codes. When you found a genre of your choice then just tack on the application numerical code to the end of this URL and list of all the movies that are currently available in this category will be in front of you.

For example, if you want to see a weird funny movie, then you will need to plug the code for Critically Acclaimed Quirky Comedies (1577), then the complete line up of the movies that are available in this category will be displayed and you can select the title of your choice. You can also log on to www Netflix Com Activate for the information of the titles available in various categories.

Since the categories get incredibly gritty, so many categories come up with a few selections only or they may be completely empty. It all depends on the current selection of Netflix. But we have a small list of categories that are available with the robust selection:

  • Tearjerkers from the 1980s
  • Slapstick Comedies for the ages 11 to 12
  • Cult Satanic Stories
  • Irreverent British Crime Movies
  • Visually striking Martial Arts Movies
  • Cerebral Scandinavian Movies
  • Social issues drama based on real life
  • Mind-bending Independent Comedies

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