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Updated Hulu App: Get A Much Better Control Over Recommendations And Watch History

Hulu app has become a lot more advanced and user-friendly today. People can now easily control as to what is being recommended to them by Hulu Moreover, they can see what they have watched on Hulu in the past. Such features were not present on Hulu in the past, but it’s better late than never.

Hulu is soon going to update its mobile application. This updated application will allow Hulu subscribers a better control over the recommendations and suggested shows that are being broadcasted over Hulu network. Hulu subscribers will also be able to share their opinions in the form of likes and dislikes.

Users will be able to share their feedbacks with Hulu regarding what they like on the platform and what they don’t want to see at all. Hulu has made a provision for users through which they can easily share their feedback on any particular content that is present on Hulu network.

Richard Irving, Hulu’s Vice President has said in an interview that, ‘Hulu subscribers will now be able to convey to us when our recommendations in their Home experience are not up to the mark’. Users will be able to remove movies, sports programming or TV series from being recommended to them ever again by selecting that above-mentioned action.

Along with that, Hulu subscribers will also be able to remove items from their viewing history. They just need to select that aforementioned action, and then, Hulu’s recommendation engine will forget if the users have ever watched the TV show or movie in question.

In Hulu, these features seem quite fresh and new, but in other streaming networks, these are available for quite some time now. Netflix has it, and people love using these features on Netflix.

Hulu subscribers can easily remove TV shows and movies when the same show up in ‘keep watching’ list on the home tab. They also have the ability to directly remove a TV show or a movie from ‘Watch History’ section.

Hulu will also add a portrait player, which will allow Hulu subscribers with an option to watch Hulu content in portrait mode, a feature that was not available earlier. Back in the day, only the landscape mode was available on Hulu. Moreover, the new Hulu app is going to support HDMI output for iOS devices along with an ‘enhanced’ Chromecast experience.

There have been a number of improvements in the Live TV section. Hulu has planned to introduce a new icon in the main navigation bar that will take users to the Live TV action that they were watching on the last channel.

Hulu is also looking to launch a more traditional programming guide, which is going to be available on Hulu’s TV apps, and will be accessed through smartphones. There is going to be a revamped desktop web experience as well for all Live TV subscribers in the days to come, whereas other Hulu subscribers will get it in the upcoming weeks.

Hulu with its updated app is making a strong statement in the market that it is ready for the battle to become the supreme streaming network. Hulu has the content, and now, with a number of advanced features coming into the platform, Hulu is definitely catching up with other top streaming services like Netflix.


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