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Unable To Search Favorite Movies On Netflix: How To Fix This Issue?

A number of people are facing an issue in Netflix, which bars them from searching the top-rated movies on the platform. They believe that the company might have removed some of those movies from its network. What the real issue is and how to get rid of it, let’s find out in this post.

People have tried checking the movies on and on the Netflix app, but they got no results. Some have even contacted Netflix support providers at but got no decent response.

How to find the top-rated movies on Netflix?

A number of people are not finding it easy to get top-rated movies or TV shows on Netflix. This could be very annoying and leave you high and dry. In such scenario, you must contact at center and get them aware of the issue that you are facing. They will offer full assistance regarding how to search your favorite movies and TV shows, and also offer diligent support in fixing any issue related to this ‘search aspect’.

Furthermore, if you are able to get rid of this petty issue all by yourself, then it would be great. People should also check whether their Netflix account has been activated or not. This can be checked by going to www Netflix com activate link.

The first thing that you need to perform  login and click on search bar, which is available on the top of the page. If you know exactly for which movie you are looking for, then simply type the name and click on search option. The website will show you the most appropriate and matching results based on the keywords that you have entered. If you are looking to get an entire list of top-rated movies, which are available on Netflix, then you should change ‘sorting’ settings.

You must click on refining the search and you must click on top charts. This will automatically display the most rated movies list and then you can choose any of them. Ensure that you have used the relevant keyword, plus the option of refined search is also turned on. With this, you will get the precise results. If you come across any issue while signing into your Netflix account, then you can take  from experts.

How to download your favorite movie from Netflix:

If you are operating from a mobile phone, then the first thing that you should do is download Netflix app on your device from the Play Store or from the App Store for Android and iOS devices respectively. Once the download is complete, let it install on the device and then activate your Netflix account by going to Netflix com activate link. You are going to see all the top-rated seasons along with episodes on the homepage. You will also see a list of top charts for movies and TV shows. You can choose the one from this list and then click on the download option for beginning the download. The app is going to take to you to the payment option, and once you confirm the payment, then the download is going to start automatically.

Make sure you click on the right movie that you wish to download. Along with that, you can add details of the movie that you want to download or watch. Doing this will allow you to see all the relevant results for your query. If you come across any issue, then you have the option of getting in touch with Netflix experts through proper channels, i.e.,


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