Twitch App Is Back On Roku, But In A Different Way!

Roku has brought back a popular app, which went missing for past many weeks. Twitch app is the name of the app and it is being widely used by Roku users. The app basically belongs to the Amazon, and it is up to Amazon as to what needs to be done with the app. There is some information regarding the Twitch app turning into Twitched Roku channel, but it is not sure. Let us find out what this whole scenario is and how will it benefit Roku users.

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A few days ago, one news broke out in which it was mentioned that Amazon will no longer provide Twitch app support to Roku. So, those using Roku devices will not be able to access this app in the same way as they used to. There are certain changes that this app will undergo and it is only after those changes that people will be able to use the application.

But, people who have installed Twitch app don’t have to remove the app because there is one way of watching contents from Twitch app without having to remove it. Amazon has removed the twitch app from Roku Channel Store (A channel store is basically a place where all the channels that you have installed are present; popular channels include Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, VUDU, HBO GO, Hulu & YouTube). The reason for removing the app is the transformation of the app into a Roku channel. This will allow Roku users to access more features on the same application.

Amazon has decided to remove the support for Twitch app and instead, give back the twitch app to Roku player with a unique category i.e., Twitched Roku Channel. All credit for this transformation goes to Rolando Islas (Developer).

What Is Actually Twitched Roku Channel?

Twitched is an unofficial video player for the Twitch streaming service. Roku users can watch top streams, search or browse followed streams.Twitch is a channel in which they can review the games that they love. The developers working on Twitch app also promised that are there are many more features in the pipeline such as chat capability, managing channels that are followed by users on Roku platform and a much awaited ‘video-on-demand’ feature.

Twitched have a long list of features including the ability to sign into your Twitch account to find your favorite channels. If you are facing any issues while signup on your Twitch account or Roku Channel Store, you can get in touch with Roku help and support providers and get the most reliable solution for the issues.

Now, Twitch app comes to Roku with an official channel in Roku player. Back in the day, it was just an unofficial app. Now again, an unofficial application has made its way back into the Roku player for subscribers who don’t have any access to the official twitched app.

In August 2014, Amazon bought the very popular Twitch game-streaming service for $970 million. Amazon has been building a wide range of Twitch features into their platform in order to use it to market its Prime videos and other intriguing features that are available on Amazon.

When this news reached out to Twitch and Amazon’s PR teams, both teams refuse to comment and said we don’t have much to say on this. So, the scenario is still not clear as to when this Twitch app is going to transform into a Roku channel and what features will it bring for the Roku users.

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