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Troubleshoot Hulu Plus On Vizio TV And Other Popular Brands.

Symptoms of this problem: You will observe the following symptoms on the screen after encountering this problem.

Technical Bulls

If you are continuously getting logged out from the Hulu app on your Vizio TV, then it means there is some problem with Hulu streaming on your device. It doesn’t matter whether the internet is working on your system or not, you won’t be able to receive an activation code for your Hulu streaming. Though you will be able to stream other services like YouTube, Amazon, and Netflix without any problem but you get stuck when you try to watch Hulu live. All these apps which we have mentioned above are inbuilt apps in your Vizio TV.

Now, we are going to discuss troubleshooting steps to fix the blocking problem of Hulu on Vizio TV. If you are using Samsung device to stream Hulu content, then there are chances of encountering the same problem on it.

  1. The first and the foremost step is to uninstall the Hulu app from your Vizio or another brand TV and re-install it after 20 seconds.
  2. If you are using default DNS settings, then change by first resetting it. You need to press the power button on your device for 15 seconds. If you find any problem after this, you can contact Hulu support. They will help you in resolving the problem. Apart from this, you can also share your problem with the experts through email ID given on the official Hulu page. They will provide suitable solution online.
  3. Try updating the OS version of your Vizio TV. If you are reluctant to do so due to hardware limitation, then the problem will continue to exist. The content will remain blocked on TV. The only option available then is replacing the box with the new one that has a new OS and new hardware circuitry. This will solve the problem from the root. If you are using Roku or Blu-ray player to stream the content on the big screen, then there are rare chances of getting this problem.
  4. If you have the option to update your Vizio TV model, then update it and check if the problem still persists or not. If this solves your problem, then start enjoying Hulu experience again. If it doesn’t solve your problem, then you need to check the support for Hulu on your device by getting onto official Vizio link.

This is all about the troubleshooting steps. If you are still facing any trouble and want to stop the Hulu service on your TV within the billing cycle, then send a mail on customer support ID. The team will first analyze the problem will revert to your query at the earliest. You will receive a refund in your account within 5 working days if the problem is genuine.


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