Tips to help you in getting most out of your Hulu

Tips to help hulu

A strong option for anyone who wants to watch the TV online and that too legally is Hulu. I think Hulu is must have if you want to get rid of your cable TV by cutting the cord as it offers the access of next day to all the ongoing shows. This is something that you will not be able to find on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. There are many tips and tricks that you should employ for actually optimizing your Hulu experience. Here are the tips that you must start using right away:

Access Hulu from outside the US

One of the main reason for not cutting the cord yet is that you will not be able to watch Hulu if by any way you will leave the United States. There are two ways of doing this. One is to use a paid VPN that will allow video streaming and the other way is to include DNS tunneling and unblocking browser extensions. If the VPN is not the option for you to try, then you can try out this option.

Track New Episodes with Watchlist

One of the best features of Hulu over Netflix and Amazon Prime video is Watch list. This is the easiest and convenient feature of Hulu to use all features. Now you will get so much of the high-quality shows to watch. And keeping a watch list that is organized is a difficult task.  It is nice that Hulu automatically adds the new episodes into the watch list as soon as they are available for watching. SO, there is no need to check out the time for the availability of the episodes. But you need to do one thing that you will need to visit the page for the particular show and click on the button of the +watch list and new episodes will be added to your list.

Change the video quality

It looks nice watching everything in HD all the time. But this is a costly affair and not possible every time. Instead of watching the buffering screen all the time, you can drop the quality down to a mark. The picture may not be crisp but will better than the buffering screen.

Tweak the appearance of Subtitles

In any case, you will like the subtitles on and these are properly called closed captions on Hulu. You should be familiar with the tweaking of appearance of your closed captions of the text. You can make it as comfortable for reading and you will have a good going.

Watch Hulu on TV

Watching Hulu on a desktop is worse as compared to watching Hulu on TV. The Hulu TV experience is better in every way. If you have a smart TV, then you just need to have a Hulu app, launch the app, login in to your Hulu account and enjoy smart TV interface.