What To Do If Your Roku Express Is Not Turning On?

Most of the Roku streaming players require constant power supply through adapters that come with the packing.  Alternatively, some players like Roku express, stick, and Roku Express+ can even power on with USB cable

You will find a white light on the front of your Roku express player which indicates whether your device is turned on or not. If you find that this light doesn’t turn on, then instead of searching for a solution, you can read the below-mentioned steps. This guide is for all those who are facing problem in turning on Roku Express model. If you are unable to watch videos, then you can follow the same steps.

If you have connected your Roku Express to the wall socket and getting the problem in turning it on, then the steps are mentioned here as under:

  1. Use the original power adapter: You are suggested to use the original power adapter that is included in the packing.
  • If you are using an adapter of another Roku player which your family member has owned, then you may get this turning on problem.
  1. Attach the adapter properly: Unplug the power adapter from the power source and firmly connect it again to the power socket and to the Roku express.
  2. Try different power socket: There are chances that the power outlet you are using may be faulty. So, you must try connecting it to a different Another thing you can do is try connecting another electronic gadget to the same power outlet. If it turns on, then there is some problem with the Roku adapter. If your Roku has a power strip, then first remove it and then connect it to the power outlet.
  3. Check the light: Check the light if it is working or not. If you are still not being able to watch videos, then click on ‘Help’ link from Roku support page.
  4. Try USB port of your TV: Your Roku express supports USB power, so you can try connecting the player to the USB port of TV for powering it on.

If your Roku express still not turn on, then there is definitely a problem with power supply. You can go to nearby Roku store and get your power adapter checked from there. If your product is under warranty, then they will replace the adapter free of cost.

If you have connected the Roku express to the USB port on the TV, then the steps to troubleshoot the problem are:

  1. Use the USB cable which comes with the Roku player: You must ensure that you are using a standard USB cable for connecting the Roku to the TV. Use of spurious quality of cable may put you in trouble.
  2. Connect the USB cable firmly to the TV and the power connector on your Roku express.
  3. Try different port: If your TV includes more than one USB port, then try connecting the player to the different port. You can check if it is working or not. If there is insufficient power drawn at the USB port, then the videos will not start playing. You will get a warning message on a screen.
  4. Try using your Roku express on different TV: If possible, connect your Roku express to a different TV and check if the problem is solved or not.

Roku Revived Its Hardware Lineup And Released A New OS 8



Roku had earlier released three streaming devices with a view to standing against its rivals. The three devices were: Roku premiere, Roku Express, and Roku ultra. These devices didn’t get much response from the users due to its price and feature limited in number. Whereas at the same price, Google Chromecast was offering lot more features. Now, keeping this thing in mind, Roku has updated its hardware lineup and bought a new OS for them.

New Hardware

The earlier models of Roku as mentioned above were Premiere, ultra, and express and you need to spend a lot to purchase them. The major features which you were getting in these models were 1080p video playback, Dolby digital sound, and HDMI port support nothing more than this. There was no voice remote feature in the remote. For high-range product, you were required to spend $129 from your pocket.

Now, the company has totally revived its products. Although the prices remain unchanged Roku has added few powerful and smarter features to each hardware. If your Roku not working on 4K playback earlier, then you will be able to play now.

  1. Roku express and Express+: The prices of both these models remained same but you will get HDMI as well as A/V support in these models. Out of the two Roku express+ support both the input modes. There is no voice remote with any of the two devices.
  2. Roku streaming stick: This is just a replacement for Roku premiere. It includes a quad-core processor with 1080p playback. The wireless band supported by this device is dual-band MIMO AC.
  3. Roku streaming stick+: This product is mainly designed to compete with the rival company, Google. Google ultra is providing the same features. The processing speed of this device is 4 times faster than the Google Ultra.
  4. Roku ultra: The price of this product is now slashed to $99. Earlier the same product was available for $129. You will find the same features as available on the Roku streaming stick and Stick +. Apart from this, there is an Ethernet port and MicroSD slot in it. You will find a headphone jack on its remote for private listening.

To order any of this product, you need to go to Walmart, Amazon and another retailer page. All these devices are available on Pre-booking.

What’s new in Roku update 8 OS?

Roku recently revealed a new OS version for all its devices. You can check the update for your device on Roku support link. This update has been developed to provide ‘over-the-air’ support to the devices so that they will able to broadcast the channel more easily. Moreover, Roku search feature for ‘Over the air’ content has also added in this update.

The main highlighting feature of this update is Voice control. You can control the playback menu with the help of your voice only. If there is no voice remote available with the device, then you can install Roku app on your smartphone and control the Roku from it.

Like Apple TV, Roku has also added a single sign-in feature. This eases you to access the content anytime. There is no need to enter the login credentials again and again. You TV provider credentials will be used every time. To search for 4K contents particularly, you can use 4K spotlight feature on your new Roku update.