Here’s the List of New Roku Channels That Are Essential In 2018

Roku keeps on updating its hardware and software so as to keep their existing and new customers happy. Roku in its latest update has released a new lineup of Roku channels which will serve your purpose in one way or other. The Company has come up with 999 new channels on its Roku store. Now, you might be curious to know about these channels? Ok, we are going to share information about these channel with you. You can subscribe to any channel out of it according to your preference.

Free channels list

  • Comet TV: With this channel, you can watch your favorite classic shows like Stargate Atlantis and many more. This channel is available for free on Roku store.
  • Movies Anywhere: If you are fond of watching new and old movies, then you can watch top quality movies through this platform. There is no need to download Amazon video, Google play or any other service for this purpose.
  • Twitter: This is the best channel to watch live news, videos, and sports from your location.
  • The Roku channel: If you want to get access to thousands of movies available online, then Roku channel is the best option for you. There are no subscription charges for this channel. You can join it for free.
  • Cowboys now: This channel is meant for watching the interviews and documentaries of your favorite player. Apart from this, you can watch highlights of games played by America’s Team.
  • Nosey: If you love to watch episodes of favorite shows like Match game, Povich, American Gladiators, Date or Jerry, then this channel is best for you.
  • VRV: This channel is meant for animated videos. If you like to enjoy animated, horror and Sci-fi movies, then subscribe to this channel from your Roku store. You can watch content from a famous channel like Funimation, Cartoon hangover with it.
  • Journy: This channel provides information related to culture and tourism of every place. If you are going for vacation, then you can check this channel.

Live TV services:

  • DIRECTV now: This service can be subscribed by just paying $35 a month. If you want to check its service, then you can opt for 7 days free trial prior to subscription.
  • Hulu with Live TV: With Hulu live service, you have the option to view content from more than 50 channels of different genres. Moreover, there is premium pack available in this service in which you will be able to watch ad-free content.
  • Philo: Its subscription starts from $16 a month. This service mainly deals with lifestyle and knowledge programs. If you are concerned of about your health, then this service is best preferred for you.

Authenticated (Cable or satellite subscription)

  • Disney Now: You can watch Disney Junior, Disney XD and Disney normal with this service plan. So, pay for a single platform and enjoy a complete range of services under a single platform.
  • GSN now: If you love to watch games, then this channel is best preferred for you. You can watch and play games of your choice on this service.
  • Xfinity TV app: This app is made for watching shows and movies of your choice. A proper guide and instructions are given on the page. You can take help from there and subscribe to service accordingly.

Pay per view subscriptions:

  1. Redbox: In order to watch PPVs, you can subscribe to Redbox. This service allows you to watch a number of shows on rental basis or if you want, you can buy those straightaway.
  2. Boomerang: If you love to watch cartoons like Scooby Doo, Tom, and Jerry, then pay $5 a month for this service.

Celebrate Christmas With Best Christmas Music Channels On Roku


Streaming your favorite content through this streaming device is the prime thing you can do with Roku. You can cherish the Christmas in the most adorable way when you have some fine melodies with you. So, get to some of the fine Christmas music channels on Roku to make your Christmas beautiful.

How your preparation for Christmas is going on? I am damn sure you are ready to make this Christmas beautiful and memorable with the fine memories on your side like you did every year. The happening fest is one of the most celebrated festivals almost in all the countries. There is no doubt that there will be gathering of your family members, friends, and relatives, who will make your Christmas more adorable with their beautiful gifts and appearance. Well, not only your close ones, there is one streaming device which is giving you the marvelous company and the fine entertainment of streaming the best content. There is no need to describe that what Roku means to you. With its extensive services and amazing features, Roku marked its presence in the market as the prime player of this streaming generation. With the diverse range of devices, Roku fascinates has fascinated the users with the high-quality content, that they can stream through this amazing streaming device. This is the reason, which has made the streaming device as one of the key players for all the users. So, all the new streamers, who want to get started with the streaming device, they should head to www Roku Com link to get the proper assistance regarding the setup of their account. There may be some instances, where you may face the issue of Roku remote not working, Hdcp Unauthorized Roku etc. We advise you to go to the official site of Roku to get in touch with the experts, who will provide you the best solutions to counter your problem.

Well, as the Christmas is heading to your houses, and you can’t celebrate it without the fine melodies. And guess what, your Roku has got many ways to make your Christmas happier than the previous year. There are many free channels available on Roku, which made us get some free Christmas music channels to make your experience more delightful with the Christmas and the Roku. So, if you want some Christmas music, head to Roku.

  • SomaFM- To track down some of the fine music, SomaFM has it all to make your holiday more entertaining. Adding to this, the Christmas lounge feature on SomaFM channel features “fine classic winter lounge tracks and chilled holiday tracks” that are perfect for a family On this channel, you will hear the hits of Sammy Davis Jr, Vince Guaraldi Trio, and Manhattan Transfer. You will also get other choices.
  • iHeartRadio– The channel is quite same to TuneIn Radio, iHeartRadio has got many holiday stations. Mostly, they are live local stations, but there are six iHeart created stations which include North pole Radio, iHeartChristmas country, iHeartChristmas Classics, iHeartChristmas, iHeartChristmas Rock, and iHeartChristmas R & B. To search out these stations, you need to few things.
  1. Press the * button to open the menu.
  2. Choose live radio at the menu bar.
  3. Head down to Music & Entertainment.
  4. Then, select Holiday.
  • VEVO– If you prefer video while playing any song, then VEVO is the right choice for you. VEVO has got a holiday genre where there are current top music videos including “Underneath the tree” by Kelly Clarkson, “The chipmunk song” by Alvin & chipmunk, and “Mistletoe” by Justin Bieber. The channel also includes 20-holiday performance videos from different artists. Head to get your favorite Christmas video on this channel.
  • TuneIn Radio- You can catch many international and local live stations which represent many genres can be get accessed easily. Listen to Christmas Country Holidayswith Randy Travis, Holiday standards with Vince Guaraldi Trio, and AllWebRadio Traditional Christmas with Andy Williams. Some international stations also include Radio Telemusica Catarinese LTDA (Brazil), ChristmasHits (Germany), and Radio Christmas (UK).

 You can stream these channels to make your Christmas fascinating. But in case, if you are having problem in making roku account setup , then you can head to Roku Help to resolve the problems with better solutions and stream channels all the way!