How to Troubleshoot Video Playback Issue of Amazon Prime on Roku 4 Media Player?

Roku is known for media streaming players. It fetches the data from local sources like a smartphone, tablet, and laptop and cast content on the TV screen with the help of internet. Roku 4 does just like this. You just have to plug the device into the TV and connect it to home Wi-Fi network. With Roku app installed on your phone, you can stream any movies or show from thousands of movies and episodes.



If you are streaming Amazon prime from Roku app and stuck in the middle of the show, then it doesn’t mean that there is a problem with the Roku 4. The problem can be with the network, channel or player. Most of the times, the problem with the network connection mainly causes this problem. For HD video streaming, a min of 10MBPS speed is required. This can only be achieved if you have subscribed to the plan.

Now, coming to the steps for improving the video performance and fixing the video issue. To watch seamless videos on your TV, you need to follow the steps mentioned here as under:

  • Check the network speed:

This is the first step to troubleshoot video playback problem. Check the internet speed, you are getting on your device. For this, you can either go to speed test link or try opening the webpage on another browser. If the speed is OK, then you need to move to next troubleshooting step. If there is a problem with the network, then call your internet service provider.

  • Restart all the devices:

To restart the devices, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Disconnect Roku from the power supply by unplugging the adapter.
  2. Disconnect Modem and router from the power supply and connect it again.
  3. Connect Roku again to the supply and turn on your TV.
  4. Login to Amazon prime and Try playing videos from there.
  • Try additional steps:

The additional steps are available on Roku support page. For any information related to Roku 4, log onto Roku page and click to select the device. You will find short notes along with the videos on the screen. Click on anyone to start playing on the screen. If you are facing problem in subscribing to any channel from the store, then you can check the solutions online. You can add unlimited channels on your Roku 4 without any problem. Yes, you must have valid Roku account on Roku com page. For every channel, you will get an activation code which is to be entered in the space provided on Roku link page.

  • Select Wired network:

If you want to stream Amazon prime videos seamlessly, then I recommend you to use the wired network in place of a wireless network because the speed of the wired network is faster than that of the wireless To swap wired for a wireless network, click to open settings of your Roku 4 device.

  • Open ‘Network’ followed Type. Click on ‘Wired’ network.
  • Here, you need to select the type of connection whether Ethernet or coaxial cable.

This is all about the troubleshooting steps for amazon prime video playback issue. If you are still having any problem, then feel free to call us at www Roku Com Support number.

Install and activate Roku premiere device on TV

Roku Premire Device

Roku Premire Device









 If you have purchased any other model of Roku premiere segment device and don’t know the characteristics and supportability of it, then you can go to Roku com link or keep reading this post. You will come to know about this on your own. If your TV is an old model and has HDMI port on it, then you can connect your Roku to it but the 4K compatibility can’t be estimated with this port.

We recommend you to always use High-speed HDMI cable for watching high-quality videos. To watch 4K videos, a premium quality of HDMI is required.

How to configure Roku Premiere

  • To start configuring Roku premiere on your TV, you need to open www Roku com support link and follow the guided instructions.
  • While performing the steps, if you find a problem in understanding the terms, you can get help from Roku help

Detailed steps:

  1. Select language: To select language, Switch on ‘Roku’ and go to language settings menu. This menu will appear on the top of the screen when the welcome screen appears.
  2. Scroll up and down to select the language of your choice. You can select it with the help of Roku remote.
  3. When you select the language, you will start getting the subtitles in the same language.

Connect to the network

  1. After successfully connecting Roku to TV, you are now required to connect it to the wireless network.
  2. Open the network settings from the Roku remote and search for nearby wireless networks. You will find the SSID of your network from the list of networks available.
  3. Click on the home network and enter the password for the same. If you want the password to be displayed on the screen, then click on ‘Show password’.
  4. Once connected, wait for some time until the device gets refreshed and fetch updates from the official page.

Select display option

  • Now, select the type of resolution you are comfortable with. If you want to change the resolution to 4K, then your TV must support this format. To set the display option automatically. You can click on ‘Auto-detect’ page.

Create an account on Roku page and enter Roku link code for your device

  1. For successful activation of the device, you need a device activation code which you will get only after signing up for Roku account setup.
  2. The stepwise instructions will start appearing on the screen. You need to follow them as it is for activating the device. Go to Roku link from your computer and click to get an activation code. Select the device from the list.
  3. Now enter the code on the TV screen with the help of Roku remote.
  4. A successful message will then appear on the screen.

Completing the setup: To complete a setup, click ‘Finish’. Start streaming the content of your choice from the Roku feed or store.