Netflix Accumulates Your Information, But Why? Does It Sell Your Personal Info?

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Netflix accumulates your information in a way that you couldn’t even imagine, but fortunately, Netflix is not like Facebook, so you can rest assured, your information won’t be used to harm you in any way. But, let us find out as to how your information gets used by Netflix.

If you think that Netflix has information about your viewing habits, then you are probably right. Netflix is keeping information about what you watch a lot deeper than you could possibly imagine. Netflix gives you permission to view what it has collected from you, but you won’t be able to download that information.

We all are a bit paranoid about our information because we don’t want to share our personal information with anyone. But, companies are interested in knowing as to what is going on in our lives, so they collect every bit of information that they see in our account.

When it comes to the biggest video streaming companies, then Netflix is the one that will take the top spot. Netflix currently serves over 118 million subscribers and in more than 190 countries. As far as content is concerned, then Netflix has got more than 140 million hours of movies and TV shows.

Let us now discuss as to what Netflix knows about its users and what it does with that gigantic amount of data, which it collects from its millions of users.

What information does Netflix receive and store?

Netflix covers a good amount of data that it receives from its users. This is divided into three areas:

The information you provide to Netflix: Information such as your name, email ID, telephone number and payment method will remain in Netflix’s database. Whenever you give a rating to a certain show, then that will also remain in the Netflix database.

Information that Netflix collects automatically: Information related to the devices you use Netflix on, which could be a tablet, smartphone, Smart TV, PC or streaming box and your IP address, search queries, watch history, how long you have watched a particular show and interactions with customer care. Netflix will gather all the information that online companies gather from their customers with or without their notice.

Whom does Netflix share data with?

After checking the privacy statement of Netflix, it has come to my notice that Netflix shares the data it accumulates from users with other companies but in a limited way. Companies that have joined hands with Netflix to provide promotional offers to users are the ones that make use of the data received from Netflix.

Although that information won’t be used to harm you financially or cause any kind of mental stress, yes, if you don’t want companies to contact you and offer schemes one after the other, then this may become a bit annoying for you, as Netflix shares information with companies that promote offers.

What do other companies do once they receive your information?

The company will sell no information pertaining to members and advertisements. Moreover, the company doesn’t have any 3rd party developers who provide apps for its applications. The company only focuses on providing recommendations to the customers based on their past preferences.

If you want to bar Netflix from accessing your information, then you should get in touch with Netflix help and support providers. They will be able to guide you as to how to avoid sharing your information with other companies through Netflix.

All Set To Introduce ‘Offline Viewing’ Option In Netflix Streaming

Netflix is a leading streaming service used by millions of people around the world. People enjoy their favorite shows and movies on this service. Some users are even wanting ‘Offline viewing’ option on Netflix as they don’t want to miss the single show even in Wi-Fi blackspot region. Today, we are going to discuss the company viewpoint for this feature. You must read it carefully if you are willing to get offline viewing feature.

Senior research analyst at Netflix, Ted Sarandos in the latest press release has said that the company is exploring and researching out this feature and they are trying to see how it will affect the company business or whether it will take the company to the new heights or not. Though the actual dates for the launching of this service have not been revealed by him but the users can expect soon in the coming days. For more updates, you can stay tuned to Netflix support and service webpage.

Earlier in 2016, Cliff Edward director or corporate communications at Netflix had refused this proposal due to non-availability of resources and practically infeasible. After the intervention of senior officer, Looks, the company is again trying it’s hard to launch this feature as this is going to be beneficial both for the company as well as for users. There is a need to change certain policies and rules of the company. Only after this, the company can plan for offline viewing. So, the team is reviewing all the policies and rules of the company and modifying them according to the requirement.

The rival companies like Amazon, Hulu, and HBO Go are already providing this feature to the Android customers in the digital market. The companies are getting a good response from the users and they are enjoying using this feature. After seeing the keen interest in offline viewing, Netflix is also now going to come up with the same feature. They are of the view that customer satisfaction is must and to cater to the needs of users, the company can review its policy and mend it accordingly.

Amazon Prime video, the similar platform to that of Netflix is offering offline viewing on Android and iOS devices from 2015 and users are deeply attached to this strategy. They are enjoying offline videos on their device without requiring any internet connection. More details and information about the offline feature of Amazon is available on the official website.

All those subscribers who have limited or no access to the internet will be delighted to get this feature and they will pass on the same deal to their neighbors as well. We know that in far-flung areas, no entertainment source is available to kill the free time, so after getting this facility on their device, they can easily spend their free time watching favorite movies or shows on TV. There is no need to connect to the internet for watching the show in offline viewing mode. The Netflix officials that why focusing on introducing this feature in undeveloped countries first rather than introducing in countries like the US, the UK or Germany.

How To Troubleshoot Most Popular Issues Encountered In Netflix?

We are going to discuss a complete guide to troubleshoot most popular issue encountered in streaming channel. The troubleshooting process of Netflix is very simple and easy to understand. You will find that most of the issues are solved either by restarting the network or power cycling the device.

Different types of troubleshooting which you can do on your Netflix:

  • Audio Issues.
  • Connection issues
  • Video issues.

Connection issues occur at your end.  has nothing to do about it, and when it comes to removing those issues, then you can easily do so by restarting the home network. If you are experiencing any issue with your Netflix com activate , then there is nothing to worry, just sit back and relax.

You may encounter audio and video issues at the same time, but it can occur individually even when streaming Netflix. This issue arises mainly due to two reasons; one is proper bandwidth not available on Netflix due to a server problem at ISP level and another one is Netflix not sending the data what you are intending to watch. To fix both these issues, you need to restart the Netflix app on your device and power cycle your network.

Let’s get into this in detail:

Troubleshooting Netflix connection issues

Whether you are getting the problem with the network or with the Netflix Activate , the first step is to restart the devices hooked-up with the Netflix streaming. Turn off your TV, phone and another device and let them be in the same condition for 30 seconds. Turn the devices on again followed by opening Netflix now. If the problem still exists, then restart your network. You are required to follow the steps mentioned on the Netflix screen.

According to Netflix criteria, your internet should have certain speed in order to work smoothly.

  • 1 MBPS: Laptop
  • 2 Mbps: Normal TV
  • 4 Mbps: HD streaming
  • 5 Mbps: Seamless streaming

At what time of a day you may face Netflix video quality problem

If you are a binge-watcher on Netflix, then you may find an issue related to streaming at a certain time of a day.  There will be a lot of buffering in between the videos and streaming is going to get unusually slower as well. This is due to large influx of traffic this causes the division of bandwidth among all the users at the same time.  This is a problem with your internet and not with the Netflix itself. If you try to stream videos from any other channel even, then there are chances of getting the same problem on the other channel too.

In order to stream seamless content at this point in time, you are required to either enhance your internet speed by calling your internet service provider or report the same issue to the Netflix support team. They will look into the matter and get it fixed at the earliest.


In the end, we can say that most issues are self-risen or from Netflix Help end which can be easily fixed through simple tweaks. You don’t find any need to call at Netflix customer support. All the issues can be easily fixed by simply performing the steps mentioned on the page. Just restart the network devices or power cycle all the devices connected to the network. You will find this fix helpful for you.

If all the above-mentioned tips don’t help you, then the fault lies outside Netflix and ISP. You need to first diagnose the problem in this situation and get it solved accordingly. You can take assistance from third-party supporter available online.

Steps To Activate And Configure Netflix On Sony Bravia Device

netflix on sony tv

netflix on sony tv

To activate Netflix on any device, we know that Netflix activation code is required which can be easily generated from www Netflix com activate page. Here, you need to select the device on which you want to stream Netflix. If you want to activate on Sony Bravia, then the steps are mentioned here as under.

The first and the foremost step is to sign-up on Sony webpage and register your device there. After this open the browser on your TV and go to www Netflix com link. Here you need to fill the information in the form and register yourself on the page. After successfully entering the information, you will get an activation code.

The steps to configure Netflix on Sony player purchased before 2012 are:

  1. Setup with the help of remote: Go to the video section and click on ‘Netflix’ for the source. You will require registration for the same.
  • Press the home button on your remote.
  • Go to video section with the help of arrow keys.
  • Select ‘Netflix’ from the list of sources available.
  • Enter the code for Netflix by clicking on ‘+’ button.
  • In case the channel is already activated by yourself, then there is no need to enter the code again. If this step is not done yet, then enter the code and press ‘Submit’ to submit the information. Click ‘Netflix activate
  • Now, you will be directed to the next page. Here, you need to click on ‘Get started’. You will find on-screen instructions. Keep on clicking on the terms and conditions mentioned on each page.
  • In the last, enter the 4 digit code displayed on the screen. In case of any problem, you can contact Netflix support team.
  1. Open Netflix page and register your Sony device on it: You are required to register your device on Netflix page. If already done, then no need to repeat the same. Start adding the movies, shows of your choice in the list. You can watch them whenever you wish to.
  2. From the browser, open the sign-in page of Netflix com link and enter the login details for authentication.
  3. Once logged in, check the box which says, ‘Activate your device’. If this box is greyed out then there is no need to activate it.
  4. Start adding the movies to the timeline and watch them instantly. If you want to watch later, then click on ‘Watch later’ option. You can add a reminder to any program. The Netflix page will then automatically reminds you of the same program at an appropriate You don’t need to recall your memory.
  5. While watching any program, you can add another program into the queue by just pointing the cursor onto it. After bringing the cursor onto it left click on it and drag the item to the playlist.
  6. If you want to check the queue list, go to playlist option and click on it. This option is given on the top right-hand side of the playback screen. You can add or remove any show, video from the queue tab given you must be signed in to the Netflix page.

In this way, you can activate and set up Netflix channel on Sony Bravia player. We hope you will definitely get success after performing these steps on your player. In case you are having a problem in understanding the steps or getting the problem in activating the Netflix with the code, then you can call us at our given support number. Our customer care executives will help you in troubleshooting the problem. They are well-qualified and have proper knowledge in their field.