HBO Will Produce A New Series Of The Creator Of “Sherlock”

The American television station HBO won the tender for the production of the new series Steven Moffat. In the race for the rights to filming, the company defeated, among others, Amazon. What will result from the cooperation of the television giant and the British screenwriter?

The new HBO and Steven Moffat series

Moffat himself admitted that for many years he was a fan of the novel Audrey Niffeneger and the opportunity to work on her television adaptation is for him a dream come true.

I read a book many years ago and fell in love with it. The chance to adapt the novel is like making your dreams come true. The bold new world of television is ready for this kind of complexity and depth. It is a story about a happy ending – but not necessarily in the right order

The details of the cast and release date of the series are not yet known. It is only known that the production will also involve Sue Vertue and Brian Minchin, who previously collaborated with Moffat on the occasion of “Sherlock” and “Doctor Who”.

Claire meets the future lady when she is only 6 years old – a man unexpectedly shows up at the clearing where the girl plays. When she is an adult woman, she meets Henry again and then begins their relationship, which quickly turns into a feeling. The couple decides to get married and start a life together. To full happiness, they lack only a bit of stability – for every now and again Henry literally melts in the mist in completely random moments.

Interestingly, the story has already had one screening – in 2009, the film “Spells in Time” was created, directed by Robert Schwentke. The stars in production were starring Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana. Sherlock Holmes will be broadcasted on HBO GO, which is a move that has made many users extremely excited, so let’s see how HBO goes about the broadcasting of Sherlock Holmes and other series that are in the pipeline.

Moffat is also the screenwriter of “Doctor Who”

Steven Moffat is responsible for the production scenario. The Briton already has some experience with time travel – the creator from 2010 works in the production of the series “Doctor Who”. The title Doctor is a representative of the so-called race Timekeepers. Origin allows him to travel in space-time to the farthest corners of the galaxy aboard his living spacecraft, the TARDIS. The series has become a real phenomenon among the British and has been produced continuously since 1963.

In the upcoming season, the figure of the Doctor for the first time in history will be played by a woman – a 35-year-old actress, Jodie Whittaker. The 11th series of “Doctor Who” will debut in the autumn of 2018.

Will the next season of “Sherlock” be created?

Moffat is also the author of another popular series – “Sherlock”. This version of the adventures of the most famous detective of all time and his companion, set in contemporary London, quickly gained the recognition of fans all over the world. So far, the BBC has broadcast four seasons of the series and one special episode titled “The Abominable Bride”.

For now, it is not known what will be the future of the television screening of stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyl. Playing the main roles Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have recently become part of the Marvel universe, so they are certainly pretty busy. In addition, Freeman in one of the interviews admitted that work on the “Sherlock” plan can be extremely tiring.

The fans of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes are therefore just waiting. They can also always look at other Steven Moffat production series – “Time Traveler’s Wife” and the next season of “Doctor Who”. So, just wait for these two series to broadcast on HBO GO.

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