What Can Be The Reasons Behind Failure Of HBO Streaming On VPN Network?

Are you facing problem in streaming the HBO content on your VPN network? If yes, then this is normal and there’s nothing to worry. The popular channels like Hulu, HBO Go sometimes block VPN due to a security issue. In order to get back to the streaming experience, you need some tweaks.

The reasons behind this issue are uncertain. It can be any. We will discuss some here along with the solutions. If you find that the problem matches with your issue, then you can follow the same on your device. The first step to troubleshoot this problem is; restart your device and check if the problem is resolved or not. If not, then try the below-mentioned tweaks.

  1. VPN not connecting: If your VPN not connecting to the network, then try HBO directly through the website and check if it is streaming or not. If you are still getting the loading problem, then it means there is a problem with the HBO server or internet is not working properly.
  • Username and password: If the network and the HBO streaming through the browser is OK, then you need to check the username and password of your VPN network. If you have forgotten the password, then you can easily recover it from the web page.
  • Change ports: If some of the VPN ports are blocked due to a security issue, then you can try with other ports available on your device.
  • Connect to a different network: Change the network mode from wireless to data pack if using on a mobile device or connect the device to another network if you are streaming through media streaming device.
  1. VPN keeps on disconnecting: Nothing can be more annoying than VPN disconnecting again and again on your computer or laptop. If you are facing the disconnecting problem, then try the following tips:
  • Disable Firewall: The primary purpose of Firewall installed in your computer is to protect against online threats and viruses which may enter during the data flow in packets. The data coming in and out of the network is protected by Firewall. It will automatically block the malicious files if detected any on the network.
  • Connect to next server: Try connecting the VPN to the next server available.
  • Change protocols: Sometimes, some protocols used in VPN connection may create a problem. To fix it, you need to change the VPN from open to L2TP server or vice versa. If available, you can go with PPTP though this is less secure.
  1. Change DNS servers: We all know very well that every VPN has its own DNS service. If you are getting the problem with the DNS servers of VPN, then you can try using DNS settings of your network provider. Disable the VPN DNS settings and enable manually configured DNS settings.
  2. VPN crashing: Crashing problem is normal in VPN. If your VPN crashes once in a while, then you don’t need to take any troubleshooting step. Just wait for some minutes or try playing the content again but if it keeps on crashing again and again, then check the firmware version of VPN and update it. If it is already updated, then uninstall VPN and re-install it in your computer.

Continuing the OTT Video Trend, First Media Presents HBO Go.


HBO Go is getting popular all over the world. Now, HBO in its move to familiarize people living in Asia with its HBO GO app has launched the app in Indonesia with the partnership of First Media. Let us find out what both companies have to say to this association.

Technical Bulls

First Media, a leader, and pioneer in the cable TV industry and broadband Internet in Indonesia is going to launch HBO GO in the country. For those of you who don’t know what HBO Go is, then it is an application that consists of all the content that HBO has broadcasted until now.

HBO GO allows First Media customers to enjoy exclusive impressions from HBO Originals: HBO movies, HBO series, documentaries and Hollywood blockbusters through devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. HBO GO can now be downloaded on Google Play and App Store, or by visiting hbogoasia.com website.

First Media’s Executive VP of Business Affairs and Content Development, Meena Kumari Adnani said in an interview that, “We are delighted to become the first partner in Indonesia to launch HBO GO application in First Media.”

In addition to offering a variety of premium channels, the program is a commitment to the customer to bring entertainment anywhere and anytime.

Based on data SVOD Report Statista 2018, penetration of video streaming users on demand (SVOD) accessed via internet in Indonesia in 2018 reached 3.7% and predicted in 2022 will reach 7.9%.

Mobile Internet Statistics 2017 mentions that 28.78% of the internet was accessed from mobile devices in 2017 of all internet users through mobile devices and is expected to reach 38.22% in 2021. This shows the development of Internet video content access trends through mobile devices.

“We recognize the increasing use of content through mobile devices,” said Desmond Poon, First Media’s Chief Product & Technology Officer.

In addition to first media (FMX) TV Anywhere, it seeks to meet customer and market demands for streaming video access through collaboration with OTT or channel partners, such as HBO. First Media and HBO have been working together for a long time, and are now enhancing partnerships to a higher level by presenting HBO GO.

The HBO GO service is only available to HBO First Media channel customers. Subscribers can access and use HBO GO at no additional cost if choosing a subscription package such as Home Cable Ultimate, Combo 1Gbps X1, Combo Infinite X1, Combo Ultimate X1, Combo Maxima X1 and Combo Supreme X1, and add-on packages such as HBO Pack HD, Box Office HD.

“We are pleased to be working with First Media to present HBO GO in Indonesia,” said Jonathan Spink, CEO of HBO Asia. Through the ability to stream and download HBO GO, subscribers in Indonesia can now have more options accessing HBO Originals and HBO Asia Originals and Hollywood blockbuster movies anytime and anywhere. “

HBO GO customers will have unlimited access to streaming Hollywood blockbuster movies, and over 1,500 hours of HBO Original and HBO Original movies and series.

Start Streaming Your Favorite Content Offline on HBO and Netflix.


In most airlines, you will not find the Wi-Fi service. They don’t provide this service and moreover, you are barred from using cellular data on your mobile. On the majority of occasions, it won’t bother you much but there are certain times when you are eagerly looking forward to watching your favorite show broadcasted on popular streaming services like Netflix and HBO. Instead of compromising with the situation, you can follow offline method to stream your favorite show.

Technical bulls

Both, Netflix and HBO have made possible to watch your favorite program offline by downloading it. We are now going to discuss steps to watch them offline.

How to watch Netflix offline?

To stream your favorite show, you can download the show and watch it offline. It must be kept in mind that while downloading the content your device must be connected to the internet. There are some shows and movies which are available for downloading. Not all stuff is available for offline viewing. If you love to watch Narcos and Orange, then this is available offline. To download any stuff, you must have Netflix app installed on your phone or tablet. If you are using android 4.4.2 version or higher and iOS version 9 or above, then you will be able to access this feature. However, if you are a Mac user, then this facility is not yet available on your device. You need to wait for some time. Steps to download content are:
  • Open Netflix app from the home screen or from the app section.
  • Check the content which you want to watch offline whether it is available for download or not.
  • Enter keywords related to your search, the results will be displayed on the screen.
  • If download option is available for searched content, then download them from here.
  • You will find the downloaded content in ‘My Download’ folder on your computer.
  • Before starting downloading content, you need to check the storage space available on your device because offline content takes a lot of memory space of the device.

How to watch HBO Go offline?

HBO Go directly doesn’t allow you to enjoy content offline but you can take help of certain programs which lets you to record program offline. You can download the content in your DVR or in real-time recorders. The downloading time depends on the size of the movie. It is relative to the size.
These days, Play On is regarded as most popular recording app. If you are an Android or iOS user, then this app is available for free on respective app stores. Moreover, if you are using windows OS, then also you can enjoy the same app on it. After downloading this app, you have to pay a reasonable amount of fees to download particular content.
If you are a regular viewer of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, then it’s soon going to available offline. Though no fixed date and month have been announced by the team yet company will launch it most probably in April. If you have subscribed to the basic $8 a month plan, then you can easily download this show. If you want to have offline content for a full time, then spend $40 for a month.
If you want to watch ‘Show Time’ offline, then wait for another one and a half month.

Steps to download offline content from HBO:

  • Download HBO app and open it.
  • Click ‘Download’ option.
  • Check for stuff you want to download.

Troubleshoot Video playback issues on HBO Go from Roku

HBO GO with roku

HBO GO with roku

Roku is the best streaming player in the market of digital media streaming player. You can play content from different entertainment channels on your Roku player. It will act as a medium between your channel and the TV. All you have to do is just activate your player on HBO GO then start streaming the content from your app. Here we are talking about HBO channel. You can download any channel of your choice in Roku app.

Today, we will discuss the steps to improve the video quality of content and how to troubleshoot the playback problem on Roku. It is important to mention here that to enjoy seamless HBO streaming service, you require a high-speed internet connection. The speed of internet depends on the type of subscription you have opted. If you have subscribed to the premium pack, then you will definitely get high-speed internet and able to watch 4K quality videos on HBO Go activate device screen. On another hand, if your video keeps on buffering or taking too much time to play, then there is definitely a problem with the network.

The steps to improve the performance of your internet connection and the quality of video have been discussed here as under. You must read all the steps carefully and perform them according to your requirement or whichever suits you. For more help and support related to HBO content, you can go to ‘HBO activate’ link.

  1. Check the internet speed first: If you want to enjoy seamless video streaming on your TV, then a high-speed internet connection is required. If you don’t know the current speed of your internet at home, then you can go to speed test link and check the network speed from there. If you find any problem, then you can call your internet service provider. If the speed of the internet is Ok and you are still getting the problem, then troubleshoot your HBO channel from HBO go help
  2. Restart all the devices: You must restart all the devices like Roku, Modem, and Unplug your devices and reconnect it to power supply after a gap of 30 seconds. Check if the problem of playback has been resolved or not. If not, then call at HBO support number displayed on the top of our support page.
  3. Try these additional tips: You will find some useful tips related to Roku streaming on the Roku official page even. Some of the best tips include; uninstall the channel which is creating a problem and re-install it from the app store. You need to activate the channel again by getting into HBO Go activate the link. If you are getting the problem with any channel other than HBO, then you can contact us. With Roku app installed on your phone, you can enjoy as many channels as you want on your Roku streaming player.
  4. Use Ethernet cable for connecting to the network: To enhance the performance and speed of the network, it is recommended to use the wired network in place of the wireless network. To connect to the wired network you have to go through the below-mentioned
  • Go to Settings.
  • Open ‘Network’.
  • Click on ‘Wired network’.
  • Press ‘Ok’.

How To Improve The Performance Of HBO Go Channel With Adobe Flash Player Settings?

Hbo with adobe flash player

Whenever you play contents through HBO Go com activate, then it automatically starts playing through adobe flash player. This is a type of online player which is used to play all the videos available online. If you find that the video played by you is not buffering on adobe flash player, then there’s no need to create a panic. Simply check some settings of your flash player and try playing the videos again. Today, we are going to discuss the troubleshooting tips with you for fixing the adobe flash player problem. If you find any problem with the HBO Go activate process, then you can call us at our HBO support number.

All the steps which are going to discuss today are verified and already checked on a number of devices. If you find that these steps don’t work for you, then you are free to talk to us at our HBO support number.

  1. Identify the current version of adobe flash player: The very first and the foremost step to fix the problem is to check the current version of adobe flash player installed on your computer. If you think that the installed version is not up to date, then visit the official site of adobe flash player and start downloading the latest one. Once downloaded, install it in your system and try playing the videos after this.
  2. Check the internal settings of your player: The next important step is to check the settings of your player. If any incorrect settings are configured, then you won’t be able to enjoy HBO activate on your system. You need to follow the below-mentioned steps to check the settings:
  • Login to HBO official site with the login credentials and start playing any video. Pause them in the middle and open the settings.
  • Right-click on the paused video to open the settings. Read the online instructions and follow the steps as it is. Check if the problem is solved or not. If you find that the problem still exists, then you can take support from HBO go help.
  • Don’t forget to disable the ‘Hardware acceleration’ option from the settings pane. For this, you need to uncheck this option.
  • Save the settings once completed and close the window.
  1. Clear the cache of player: In order to clear the cache, you need to perform the below-mentioned
  • First of all, open the player in HBO GO activate device by right-clicking on the paused video. You will find the settings there, click on them.
  • Go to ‘Website storage’ option from the settings and change accordingly.
  • Here, you need to delete all the previous data from the database by clicking on ‘Clear all’ option. Press ‘OK’ to confirm.
  • Close the browser and open the HBO streaming service Check if the problem is solved or not.
  • You can open the link directly from your browser or indirectly through the web app.

So, this is all about the troubleshooting steps for improving the performance of videos on HBO Go channel through adobe flash player. We hope, you must have understood these points. In case, you are still having any doubt or query, feel free to ask from our representatives. They are available 24×7 over the phone and on the internet. You can chat or talk directly with our support representatives.

Apart from this, if you find that there is no problem with the adobe flash player but the video keeps on buffering, then check the internet connection first. If it is ok, then click on ‘Video not playing’ option given on the official HBO link.

Why Is Roku 4 Sound Bar Not Working Properly With HBO Go And VUDU?

Roku and HBO

Roku 4 is available on the market, and it supports all streaming apps that you could think of. Roku 4 also supports HBO GO, and if you want to access content from HBO GO, then make sure that you perform HBOGO com activate in the right manner.

About Roku4

It has a “Roku 4” device icon embossed on top of it. Roku 4 also has a lot of features inside it than just looking good. It comes with an HDMI 2.0 which is capable of 4K streaming at 60 frames per second. Earlier, HDMI 1 used to struggle to stream 4K at 24fps. Roku player now supports HBO GO, which is an amazing streaming app that consists of a wide range of movies and exclusive content. In order to watch all this, you need to HBO GO activate using the official HBO GO website.

With so many devices now supporting HBO GO, it is important to check whether you have HBO GO activate device because if your device is not supported by HBO GO, then you won’t be able to watch anything.

This Roku has a quad-core processor inside it with 2GB of RAM making it one of the most competitive and future-proof internet TV streaming machine in the market. Roku 4, as all Roku devices support spotlight, search too. Spotlight search includes more than 30 channels which show cumulative results on searching.

Roku search is also much unbiased. If a third party app is showing a movie for free while Roku is charging for it, unlike Apple TV, Roku will show that app on top. Nowadays almost every app is being inbuilt with spotlight search API. This Roku also comes with a smart remote. This remote has click mechanism buttons which give you a vintage remote feeling. However, these remotes have swipe gesture, connecting to Wi-Fi hence they have a weirdly high range.

Features of Roku OS7 and peripherals

These remotes also come with an inbuilt wireless jack. This earphone jack is best for private listening. This feature allows us to the mute TV while listening to the TV from our headphones which are plugged into the remote. If you have installed HBO GO on your Roku player, but are not able to watch anything, then you can take HBO support.

Since Roku comes with an amazing hardware. Roku OS7 supporting devices have inbuilt support for a mobile app for Roku devices. This mobile app allows us to use our cell phone to control Roku and perform all functions, in fact even more than remote. It also allows private listening to stream through mobile phone headphone jack.

However, if we are using a Bluetooth headphone set, there will be a considerable latency in audio depending upon your smartphones and headphones Bluetooth version and headphone compatibility. Roku 4 with Roku OS7 also provides many new features like following using which we can follow an actor or director and whenever something new pops up it will show us.

How to use HBO GO with Roku

The process of using HBOGO with Roku is quite simple. The only thing that you need to do is install HBOGO on your Roku device. Then, you will have to perform HBO activate. For that, you can log onto the official site of HBOGO. It is from this link that you will be able to get all the information regarding HBOGO. So, go to HBO GO help link to get the right activation code.

You should check out all the features of HBO streaming service before installing it on Roku player. HBO GO has a lot to offer to the entertainment seekers, so you can get this app for your Roku player and start to enjoy world-class entertainment.

How to activate and deactivate Hbogo on Fire TV stick or Amazon fire TV?

deactivate Hbogo on Fire TV

If you are one of the prime Amazon fire TV or stick user, then streaming Hbogo could be the best option for you. Here is the way to activate and deactivate the service on the Amazon’s devices.

How is it going with your Amazon fire TV or fire TV stick? You must be wondering why I am asking this question to you. Well, if you are one of the fine users of the Amazon’s devices, then Amazon fire TV must be on your list and for the entertainment, hbogo is one of that option which can render the classic bunch of TV shows and movies on the on-demand basis only for the potential subscribers of the HBO service.

There is undoubtedly no doubt that Hbogo is one the best entertaining channel services which are best known to provide the dynamic lineup of content on your big screen. In the lineup of content, the channel service includes all the HBO content, whether it is the specials of the past and current, sports events, and various other programs, which are accessible through the main website or the app on different platforms, like smartphones, video game consoles, and digital media players.

As we mentioned above that you can also use the digital media players option to stream the content along with the mentioning of Amazon fire TV, which is one of the prime digital media players you can use up to watch out your favorite HBO content through the HBOgo app.

In order to stream your favorite content, all you need to do is to activate the HBOgo app on the Amazon fire TV or the fire TV stick. This is the reason we are here with the steps of activating and deactivating the HBOgo app on the mentioned Amazon devices.

Activating of the HBOgo app:   

1) Firstly, you need to head on to the downloading of the HBOgo app on the Amazon fire TV.

2) After that, head on to unlock the HBOgo on the Fire TV.

3) In order to get the activation code, you will require selecting “Activate Your Device”. You will require staying on the page until you don’t get the code on your computer.

4) Now head on to your computer and then head to HBOGO.com/activate.

5) Head on to select “Amazon Fire TV” and then choose “Continue”.

6) Now you will require to select your TV provider and then simply enter the correct username and the password for your own TV provider account. If you are not aware of the username and password, then get in touch with your cable provider. In the case, if you witness that your TV provider is not in the list, then it would mean that they probably don’t support the HBOgo no the Amazon’s digital media player.

7) Now you will require entering the activation code on the screen of Activate a device screen.

8) After doing this, you should definitely get the success message on both of your computer and TV. In some instances, it may take a long time for the complete activation.

Note: Remember that the activation code gets expired after 15 minutes. So, if you counter such situation, head on to select “Get new code” and get the new code for the activation of the device.

Deactivating of the HBOgo app:

1) Firstly you will need to unlock the app on the Fire TV stick or Fire TV.

2) Simply head on to press the Menu button on the remote.

3) After that choose Settings, then Deactivate HBO GO, followed by Deactivate Now.

If get any query or tech bug, then simply navigate to HBO go help for expert assistance and solutions.

How can you activate HBO GO on Apple TV?

HBO GO On Apple Tv

If you got Apple TV on your side and willing to watch HBO GO, then here is the fine way to activate the channel on your TV.

In the lineup of the best entertaining channel services, you can’t skip or miss out the HBO Go service which renders the quality video-on-demand service to all the potential HBO subscribers which includes the spectacular range of past and current specials, series, sporting events and other special programs either through the app or the main website of the channel on different platforms including video game consoles, digital media players and all the smart mobile devices. If get any issue while kicking start your entertaining experience with the service, simply dial the HBO customer service number to get the better solutions and assistance.

The current market is full of competition and innovation. This is the reason, Netflix is still one of the most popular and well-known streaming services among all the users across the global boundaries as the company is quite active in terms of adding up the bunch of latest content under the Netflix library. Other streaming services like Amazon prime, HULU, it’s actually not the easy race to win when it comes to delivering the best. And that’s why for HBO GO service, it is necessary for the company to always fresh up their HBO content in order to retain and engage all their users easily.

Apart from this competition, if you are watching out the HBO Go service on the Apple TV is actually one of the best entertaining experience which any user can get. So, if you are one of the potential users who has got the Apple TV on their home, here is the simple way to activate the service on the TV and having the prime access to all the HBO past and previous content.

1) Firstly, you need to start the HBO GO on your own Apple TV.

2) After starting it, just head to the “Settings” tab.

3) Now, you will need to press the option “Activate Your Device”. After pressing you will get the activation code on the next screen. You will require staying on the screen until the code has been entered on the computer.

4) On your own computer, whether it is Windows or Mac, you will be required to unlock the browser and head to www.hbogo.com/activate.

5) After this, simply select Apple TV and then tap Continue.

6) Now, you will need to select the appropriate TV provider (enter all the correct login information like password and username).

7) Next thing you will require to do is to enter the shown activation PIN on the next screen on the TV.

8) After entering the correct activation PIN code, you will witness a success message on the browser and the TV about the successful connection to your own HBOGO.com profile. The connection will simply take few minutes to finish.

9) Here, you are completely ready to gear up your streaming experience on HBO GO.

In the case, if you get any kind of tech or any other barrier during the process or in general, then you can simply navigate to HBO go help for technical assistance and solutions.