Start Streaming Your Favorite Content Offline on HBO and Netflix.


In most airlines, you will not find the Wi-Fi service. They don’t provide this service and moreover, you are barred from using cellular data on your mobile. On the majority of occasions, it won’t bother you much but there are certain times when you are eagerly looking forward to watching your favorite show broadcasted on popular streaming services like Netflix and HBO. Instead of compromising with the situation, you can follow offline method to stream your favorite show.

Technical bulls

Both, Netflix and HBO have made possible to watch your favorite program offline by downloading it. We are now going to discuss steps to watch them offline.

How to watch Netflix offline?

To stream your favorite show, you can download the show and watch it offline. It must be kept in mind that while downloading the content your device must be connected to the internet. There are some shows and movies which are available for downloading. Not all stuff is available for offline viewing. If you love to watch Narcos and Orange, then this is available offline. To download any stuff, you must have Netflix app installed on your phone or tablet. If you are using android 4.4.2 version or higher and iOS version 9 or above, then you will be able to access this feature. However, if you are a Mac user, then this facility is not yet available on your device. You need to wait for some time. Steps to download content are:
  • Open Netflix app from the home screen or from the app section.
  • Check the content which you want to watch offline whether it is available for download or not.
  • Enter keywords related to your search, the results will be displayed on the screen.
  • If download option is available for searched content, then download them from here.
  • You will find the downloaded content in ‘My Download’ folder on your computer.
  • Before starting downloading content, you need to check the storage space available on your device because offline content takes a lot of memory space of the device.

How to watch HBO Go offline?

HBO Go directly doesn’t allow you to enjoy content offline but you can take help of certain programs which lets you to record program offline. You can download the content in your DVR or in real-time recorders. The downloading time depends on the size of the movie. It is relative to the size.
These days, Play On is regarded as most popular recording app. If you are an Android or iOS user, then this app is available for free on respective app stores. Moreover, if you are using windows OS, then also you can enjoy the same app on it. After downloading this app, you have to pay a reasonable amount of fees to download particular content.
If you are a regular viewer of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, then it’s soon going to available offline. Though no fixed date and month have been announced by the team yet company will launch it most probably in April. If you have subscribed to the basic $8 a month plan, then you can easily download this show. If you want to have offline content for a full time, then spend $40 for a month.
If you want to watch ‘Show Time’ offline, then wait for another one and a half month.

Steps to download offline content from HBO:

  • Download HBO app and open it.
  • Click ‘Download’ option.
  • Check for stuff you want to download.

How To Setup Parental Controls With HBO GO Through A Computer?

HBO is a world-renowned platform for having the maximum number of blockbuster movies, documentaries, and special TV series. Where most of the content is meant for an entire family, there is certain content, which is kept away from kids would be better. In order to protect children from profanity, nudity, and gore, parents opt for parental controls.

HBO streamline its content via two of its services, HBO GO and HBO Now. HBO GO is an application that users will have to subscribe to in order to watch their favorite movies, documentaries, and TV shows, etc.
While parents want their children to be entertained, but there is certain content, which is bad for children, and therefore, it must be prevented from reaching them. Parents can easily find movie ratings and TV ratings on the web, and based on those ratings, they can set up parental controls.
It is possible for parents to set maximum rating for TV shows and movies separately. Turn on the parental controls and feel relieved because when children play a movie or a TV show whose rating exceeds the maximum allowed rating, then they are going to see a message in which it is clearly mentioned that the ‘access is restricted by parental controls’.
Let us discuss an example, if you allow the maximum rating for TV shows to TV-PG and PG-13 for movies respectively, then the TV shows and movies with ratings above TV-PG and PG-13 respectively can’t be played.

How to create or change parental controls

There are three places from which parental controls can be changed. These are; HBO GO website, TV provider and the device on which you are using the app. You can get in touch with the TV provider or follow the instructions that are given on the official website to know how to set up parental controls. In case, parental controls are supported by your TV provider, then you may have to set parental controls with the TV provider instead of going to or using HBO GO app. Here is how you can set or change parental controls in HBO Go app.


  1. The first thing for you to do is, open the web browser and visit Then, log into your primary account, as setting up parental controls will not be possible with a sub-account.
  2. Click HBO GO ID in the top-right corner followed by clicking parental controls. You will see a message leading you to set parental controls with the TV provider (only possible if your TV provider supports parental controls).
  3. If you are unable to see that message, then move onto the next step.
  4. Select the maximum ratings that are allowed for TV and movies. In case, you are having sub-accounts, then set controls for each of those accounts one by one. The defaults are TV-MA (unrestricted) and NC-17 (unrestricted).
  5. Perform one of the below mentioned.
  • Create a PIN: If you are setting up parental controls for the first time, then enter a PIN and confirm it. Then, click ‘enable parental controls’. Enter your email ID so that you can retrieve your PIN if forgotten at some point  time in the future.
  • Type in your PIN: If you have a PIN, then enter it followed by clicking ‘save changes’. In case, you forgot the PIN, then go to the official HBO Go site to know how to change or reset the PIN.
This is how you can set up parental controls in your HBO Go account on your PC/laptop. If you come across any issue in any of the above-mentioned steps, then you can get in touch with HBOGO help and support providers.

Here are the troubleshooting steps to fix HBO GO sign in problems on Apple TV

HBO GO streaming

All the HBO users, which show is the next on your streaming list? Under the classic HBO GO streaming service, HBO has been a crucial player in the chord-cutting trend of the market. And for maintaining that trend, HBO GO service has played a vital role in providing the best HBO’s original shows and movies under the current HBO package. With such offerings, HBO GO has also become the top choice of all the worldwide users. In the list of the users and willing to start streaming, then do head to HBO GO activate for activating the service on your compatible device and enjoy streaming all your favorites in a better way.

Besides the bunch of features and services, HBO’s content library is the finest place known for delivering the HBO’s classics including “GAME OF THRONES.” The seventh season of the most appealing HBO’s show has got end with the different questions which will get answered in the 8th season of the show. If you missed out the whole season or any episode, you can visit the streaming service and can have all the episodes on your compatible device.

In the list of compatible devices, if you have Apple TV on your side and you are facing sign in problems on it, then you show head to the fixing steps below.

Before that, check the Apple TV devices that support HBO GO:

  • Latest Apple TV (4th generation) with the tvOS0 or above version.
  • Apple TV (2nd and 3rd generation) with the software update 7.1.2 or above version.

If you got any of the above Apple TV version, then check out the steps below-

Signing In problem

If you are getting bugs in signing in to the Apple TV 4th generation, then check the steps below.

Step 1- Restart the HBO GO app

  • Double click the home button on your remote
  • Click and swipe the HBO GO up and down the screen to close it.
  • Now, from the device home screen, head to select the HBO GO to restart the app.
  • Lastly, try out to sign in to the Apple TV, if you still face the issue, then move to the next step.

Step 2- Restart the Apple TV

  • Go to restart the Apple TV by heading to “Settings”- “System”- “Restart.”
  • Now, try out to sign in to the Apple TV, if you still face the issue, then move to the next step.


Step 3- Updating the Apple TV software

One of the important things is to ensure that the Apple TV software is up-to-date by heading to the ‘Settings,’ then ‘System,’ and ‘Software Updates.’  Now, try out to sign in to the Apple TV, if you still face the issue, then move to the next step.

Step 4- Removing and reinstalling the HBO GO

  • Just move the selection to the HBO GO app on the Home screen.
  • Now, press and hold the Touch surface for around two seconds and then press the Play/Pause button.
  • Just head to choose “Delete.”
  • After that, head to the App Store to reinstall the HBO GO.

Now, try out to sign in to the Apple TV, if you still face the issue, then move to the next step.

Step 5- Resetting the Apple TV

Just head to reset the Apple TV by heading to Settings- System- Reset & Update.

Still, if you get any further issue, then just dial the HBO GO customer service phone number and get the finest assistance and support from the team of experts.

Enable HBO GO ‘Auto play’ option on Apple TV

HBO on apple tv

You might be aware of the thing that in order to enjoy the services through HBO Go, you have to require HBO activate code periodically otherwise the services may be discontinued for short time period. The link to activate the HBO Go service is HBOGO com activate. On this link, you will find the space for entering the activation code.

As we know that HBO Go has inbuilt auto-play feature for some devices. Apple TV is one of it. This feature allows you to sit back relax and saves your time from controlling and playing the contents. You don’t need to do anything after enabling this feature. One of the major disadvantages of using this feature is that; the service will get affected with a phone call if picked on your phone. The contents will stop playing or may get disrupted for a short while.

HBO Go activate is boat loaded with lots of amazing features and functionalities. You can use fast forward and rewind options available in the app to control the contents. If you want to watch the highlights of a program or want to change the angle of viewing, then you can do so with the app. Apart from this, another amazing feature of HBO streaming service is that you can enable subtitles on your device.

All these functionalities directly depended on the internet connection. If there is a high-speed network, then you can enjoy any video of any quality on your TV but on the other hand, if the network speed is poor, then you will get buffering issue in high-quality videos. To start playing the contents through HBO enabled device, you need to go to HBO GO activate device link. This will connect your device to the HBO servers and you can playback the contents smoothly without any problem. If you want to download the videos in your player, then download the 5K player and start browsing the videos of your choice. Download them directly from the link given along with it.

If you are encountering a problem with your Apple TV, then there are two options for you to troubleshoot the problem.

One way is to play the contents through 5K player after bypassing the Apple TV. It’s a type of drive which helps in smoother and faster playback of contents. For more information related to this, you can contact at HBO support number.

If the problem is still annoying you, then restart all the devices related to HBO app, Apple TV, 5K player and the app itself.

Deactivate the app and clear the cache from the Apple TV. To clear the previous files and cache from the device memory, just press the home button on TV for 10 seconds.

Restart the TV and try activating the HBO app again.

Switch off the modem and the router. Switch it on after a gap of 15 seconds.

How to easily stream the Games of thrones series 5?

Step 1: Download the helper tool of HBO Go app on your PC. For any support and information, go to HBO Go help link.

Step 2: Press the Airplay button and select the device from the top of the screen.

You must check that your computer and Apple TV is connected to the same internet. You can use your Home Wi-Fi network for connecting the devices.

Step 3: Click to load the contents once the connection gets established. The contents will start playing automatically.

Note: In Airplay mode, the formats mainly supported by it include MP4, MOV, MP3, AAC, and WAV. If you are using an Apple product, then you can use ‘mirroring’ function to cast the contents on the screen.