How To Subscribe HBO Go At The Cheapest Rate?

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In most of the cases, we have heard from cable TV users that they want to watch live shows on HBO Go, but unfortunately, the cable TV providers are not providing this service within their package. If this is the case with you or due to any reason you have not been able to watch HBO, then we are going to suggest some tricks with the help of which you can watch HBO at the cheapest price. Paying the extra money for a single channel seems absurd.

And, why you will pay extra if companies are providing promotional schemes and offer to get HBO. If you are a cord-cutter, then you can watch direct HBO. If you find this bit pricey, then Amazon prime is another best option for viewing HBO GO.

  1. Grab HBO with add-on subscription: Most of the cable TV providers these days provides you with the opportunity to add HBO to your existing cable TV plan. You can also use promotional codes and special deals to subscribe to this channel on cable TV. So, this trick is regarded as a best and easiest trick to subscribe HBO Go. The process of subscription is very simple. There is no worry about a separate bill.

For best offers and deals, you can visit official sites of TV providers from your computer and select according to your budget. If you are using PlayStation Vue, then also you can stream HBO from it by paying $15 a month.

  1. Get HBO now for a’ la carte HBO: In case your cable TV provider doesn’t offer HBO, you can subscribe to HBO now. There is no additional thing required for subscription. In this pack, HBO now is available for $14.99 per month.

You need a device which supports HBO now app: For HBO streaming, you need a device which supports HBO now app because you require HBO account for watching the video. List of devices support HBO app includes:

Windows and Mac computer having the latest version of the browser.

Amazon fire TV and fire TV stick


Apple TV with the latest generation OS.

Android phone and tablet

Roku and PlayStation 4

Xbox One or 360.

However, if you are using Blu-ray player, then you won’t be able to stream HBO from it. If you subscribe to normal speed to 15-20 Mbps, then you will be charged $41 a month.

  1. Get discounted HBO through Amazon Prime: If you are searching for additional discount and incentive, then go to Amazon Prime. The company is offering the HBO service for as low as $14 a month. You can stream HBO from HBO app. Though this may cost more than subscribing HBO on cable TV, there are lots of additional benefits available with the package.

This scheme includes free shipping along with a heavy discount on next shipping. In case you have done a lot more shopping from Amazon, then Prime shipping will be done free of cost.

  • Movie and TV streaming with Prime video: You can access free as well as a paid library of Prime video through subscription.
  • Ad-free music streaming from Prime catalog.
  • Unlimited storage for photos in cloud.
  • Early access to lightning deals.

All this is available at $12.99 a month and $99.9 a year. You can stream the videos on any device, which support HBO app.

Indonesia Welcomes The Arrival Of HBO GO Service

HBO is slowly deepening its roots in the Asian streaming market. Recently, HBO Asia has announced that they are going to make HBO GO service available in Indonesia to all First Media customers who are eligible HBO subscribers. As of now, HBO GO is only available in Singapore, Philippines, and Hong Kong.

Those who have subscribed to HBO GO can stream their favorite Hollywood movies, HBO Asia Original and HBO Original programmes anytime, anywhere via the internet on their PCs or any other device for that matter. HBO GO has come up with new features, which include download capabilities of HBO Original programmes and popular Hollywood movies from HBO GO’s mammoth VOD library and live TV streaming of HBO Asia’s fleet of channels.

 In an interview, CEO of HBO Asia, Jonathan Spink said, “HBO GO subscribers are now having more options to access our growing repertoire of HBO Originals, HBO Asia Originals along with a number of Hollywood Blockbuster movies anytime, anywhere.”

When it comes to Indonesia, HBO GO service is available as a free value-added service to the customers of First Media who have subscribed to the network. Only they are eligible for HBO packs.

Features to look forward to in HBO GO

HBO GO has got a big boost with the arrival of a plenty of new and improved features along with a better user experience and a refreshed new look.

Those who have subscribed to HBO GO will be able to have an unlimited access to a good number of Hollywood movies along with 1,500+ hours of award-winning HBO Original and HBO Asia Original Series and movies.

Along with that, subscribers also get the ability to catch up to their favorite HBO Original programmes at the same time as subscribers would do in the US. There is no need to have an internet connection as well. For all HBO Original titles, there has been a download feature given by the company.

A number of HBO Original Content, which only people from the US were able to see until now will now be available on HBO GO Indonesia.

HBO GO now sports Live TV capability where a gamut of HBO Asia’s fleet of channels such as HBO Signature, HBO Hits, HBO HD, HBO Family and Cinemax is going to be available live in real time on HBO GO through the internet.

HBO GO is one of the fastest growing streaming services in the world just behind Netflix. With HBO GO coming to Indonesia, there is just one direction where HBO GO service can go, i.e., in the forward direction.

 Here are some other features that you can find in HBO GO now:

  1.  A better content search functionality with ‘Watchlist’ feature where users are able to create a personalized list of movies or shows to watch.
  2. The inclusion of parental controls will allow parents to restrict children’s access to objectionable content that is available on HBO.
  3. To get a great viewing experience on HBO GO, all movies and shows are displayed in HD quality.
  4. Users can begin watching their videos from where they have left, and this has been made possible with the help of video continuity feature.
  5. For a number of TV series and select movies, users can get subtitles as well.

How to easily activate and deactivate HBOGO on your Roku device?


All HBO GO users, how your HBOGO streaming is going on your device? The classic channel of the HBO has been one of the fine channel performers for the company in the list of quality contemporaries in the market. For rendering the ease of accessing the HBO GO content, the company comes out with the amazing HBO GO channel service, which is responsible for rendering the best collection of the content of all the current and past HBO TV shows along with the list of blockbuster movies. If you are looking out to access the content but doesn’t have to subscribe to the channel, then you are not eligible to watch out the HBO content. Well, you can still head to subscribe to the channel service to catch the HBO classics on your big screen. If you get any activating bug, then just head to the HBO GO activate for activating the channel properly. Once you are subscribed to the channel, you will be able to access all your favorite HBO content, including top TV shows and movies.

Apart from getting subscribed to the channel, it’s really important to have a compatible device to watch out the channel without any hindrance. If you got Roku device on your side, then you are one of the lucky ones to stream the HBO GO channel on your Roku device. This is the reason we have come up with the simplest steps to activate and deactivate the HBO GO channel on Roku streaming device.

For Activating-

  • Firstly, head to download the HBOGO channel from the Channel Store on your Roku player.
  • After that, head to unlock the HBO GO on your Roku streaming device.
  • Now, head to select “Activate Your Device” to get the correct activation code. Just stay on the page and then type the code on your computer. After this, just head to the
  • After the previous step, just choose the Roku and then Continue option.
  • Now, you will be required to select your TV provider and then simply type the username and password and then contact your TV service, If you don’t witness your TV provider, then your TV provider might not provide the support for HBO GO on Roku.
  • Now, head to the type the activation code from the TV and then select the Activate Device option.
  • After performing all the steps, you should witness a “Success” message on both of your computer and TV. It can take some time to finish the activation.

Note: The activation code will get in 15 minutes. Just head to select the Get New Code if the activation code has expired, or if the code that you have entered is not correct.

For Deactivating-

  • Unlock HBO GO on your Roku device.
  • Now, just head down and choose the Settings icon.
  • After that, head on to choose “Deactivate Account, and then Deactivate

If you have sold your Roku and forgot to deactivate HBO GO channel, you can also deactivate the devices which are linked to your HBO GO ID. For doing this, you can reach to the HBO Help and can get the best guidance and assistance from the experts.

How to activate and deactivate Hbogo on Fire TV stick or Amazon fire TV?

deactivate Hbogo on Fire TV

If you are one of the prime Amazon fire TV or stick user, then streaming Hbogo could be the best option for you. Here is the way to activate and deactivate the service on the Amazon’s devices.

How is it going with your Amazon fire TV or fire TV stick? You must be wondering why I am asking this question to you. Well, if you are one of the fine users of the Amazon’s devices, then Amazon fire TV must be on your list and for the entertainment, hbogo is one of that option which can render the classic bunch of TV shows and movies on the on-demand basis only for the potential subscribers of the HBO service.

There is undoubtedly no doubt that Hbogo is one the best entertaining channel services which are best known to provide the dynamic lineup of content on your big screen. In the lineup of content, the channel service includes all the HBO content, whether it is the specials of the past and current, sports events, and various other programs, which are accessible through the main website or the app on different platforms, like smartphones, video game consoles, and digital media players.

As we mentioned above that you can also use the digital media players option to stream the content along with the mentioning of Amazon fire TV, which is one of the prime digital media players you can use up to watch out your favorite HBO content through the HBOgo app.

In order to stream your favorite content, all you need to do is to activate the HBOgo app on the Amazon fire TV or the fire TV stick. This is the reason we are here with the steps of activating and deactivating the HBOgo app on the mentioned Amazon devices.

Activating of the HBOgo app:   

1) Firstly, you need to head on to the downloading of the HBOgo app on the Amazon fire TV.

2) After that, head on to unlock the HBOgo on the Fire TV.

3) In order to get the activation code, you will require selecting “Activate Your Device”. You will require staying on the page until you don’t get the code on your computer.

4) Now head on to your computer and then head to

5) Head on to select “Amazon Fire TV” and then choose “Continue”.

6) Now you will require to select your TV provider and then simply enter the correct username and the password for your own TV provider account. If you are not aware of the username and password, then get in touch with your cable provider. In the case, if you witness that your TV provider is not in the list, then it would mean that they probably don’t support the HBOgo no the Amazon’s digital media player.

7) Now you will require entering the activation code on the screen of Activate a device screen.

8) After doing this, you should definitely get the success message on both of your computer and TV. In some instances, it may take a long time for the complete activation.

Note: Remember that the activation code gets expired after 15 minutes. So, if you counter such situation, head on to select “Get new code” and get the new code for the activation of the device.

Deactivating of the HBOgo app:

1) Firstly you will need to unlock the app on the Fire TV stick or Fire TV.

2) Simply head on to press the Menu button on the remote.

3) After that choose Settings, then Deactivate HBO GO, followed by Deactivate Now.

If get any query or tech bug, then simply navigate to HBO go help for expert assistance and solutions.