Issues that are common in HBO Go streaming services




With HBOGO com activate link activated on the device, you can watch myriad of programs, TV shows, live content from different actors and directors. Besides this, you can also share the same content with your friend if you wish to do.

An important and most viewed series of episode named ‘Games of the throne’ can be enjoyed on TV screen without any hassle. However, even after having so many features, there are many users who are not happy with it. They find the interfacing of this channel very disappointing one as compared to other streaming channels like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. Although the company is putting its efforts to improve the user-interface.

Today, we are going to shed light on some of the interfacing problems which have been faced by users on HBO Go activate link.

  • Alphabetical arrangement of Movie genre: You will find this arrangement by default in HBO streaming service. To search for any movie, you just need to press the first letter of the movie but we want to mention here that users don’t like to search via keywords rather they search for latest stuff only. They feel reluctant in searching the movie with the name.
  • No search related to the actor: If you love to watch the movies of a particular actor, then you need to enter the name of the movie You can’t search it directly through the name of the director. You can find it by scrolling up and down on the screen.
  • You can’t search via director: Another drawback of HBO interface is that you can’t search your favorite director. There is no such option in the interface. To search for a movie of any director, you need to go through the list of movies in an alphabetical order. The function of searching the stuff is almost same in; activated and un-activated HBO app. If you have activated the app on HBO activate, then you will find no such option of searching via director name on the home screen.
  • Categories on HBO Go are limited: The number of categories on HBO Go is also limited. It includes Family, All and Latino. You can find your content only through these categories. For more help and information, go to ‘HBO Go activate device’ link.
  • No current information about the latest movie: To stay updated, or to watch the latest version of the movie, you are required to open the internet browser from your computer or phone because no such option is given in HBO Go. If you want to get an update on the new movie, then you will have to open the movie with the help of cursor. All the information related to release year, reviews and duration will then get displayed on the screen.
  • No playback functions are available on the home screen: All the upcoming program notification and the playback functions are unavailable on the HBO interfacing screen. To check the notification, you will have to click on ‘HBO support’ link.
  • Episodes are arranged according to FIFO order: The episode which has been updated first in the list will be displayed on the top of the screen and the latest episode which has been recently added will be displayed at the bottom of the page. This sounds amazing but it is true. To watch the latest stuff, you need to scroll down to the last.

This is all about the interfacing problems reported by users on HBO GO page. If you are having any problem related to HBO Go app or page, then get HBO Go help from the online support link or call at HBO support number.

How to Resolve P6 and Purple Screen Error in Roku Devices?

Roku issues

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Having a Roku player at home means that there is nothing else you require to fulfill your entertainment related needs. Roku opens up a new door of entertainment for you, a world, which you have never seen ever before. But, Roku is not a flawless device and can malfunction at times. Those who are using Roku have faced a number of errors in the past, out of which, error P6 is the most common one. Let us discuss ways to fix this error.

There are many self-proclaimed Roku support websites who suggest Roku users perform a factory reset. As we all know that performing a factory reset is going to remove everything that you have added and saved on your Roku device. Every channel, every modification, and settings that you have done would have been lost. But, since you don’t have to do a factory reset, no settings would be lost and all your information is saved. There is no need to go to Roku help and support for any assistance.

If you want to know how to resolve P6 Error, then here are some steps that you will have to follow:

Step 1: I’m assuming that you have turned on your Roku device and you are on the home screen, so you need to press a few buttons in the same order in which I’ll mention them. Here are the buttons: Home 3x, Up 2x, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right. Don’t look at the screen because there will be weird messages. Press the button quickly.

Step 2: Once you press all the buttons, you will have to press ‘OK’, as it will enable the installer, and after that, the device will restart. The next part is to enable the developer mode and when you do so, you will be asked to enter the password. As you don’t know what the password would be, so set a new password. With this, the device will go into the developer mode. Also, the Roku device will reboot.

Step 3: You are again going to see the home screen, and when you do, follow the procedure of ‘Step 1’ because you will have to go to the developer settings screen.

Step 4: Now, press OK to disable the installer. This will also reboot the device and take it out of the developer mode. Now, the Time Warner Cable app is going to work, and your ‘P6 Error’ is now resolved.

Now, there is another issue that people have been facing in Roku device and i.e., ‘Purple Video Screen’. Here is how you can get rid of this issue once and for all, that too, without going to Roku com link.

Step 1: Start with unplugging the power of the Roku player.

Step 2: After that, unplug the HDMI cable from the Roku player.

Step 3: The same thing needs to be done for TV. Plug out the HDMI cable from the back of your television.

Step 4: The next thing would be, unplugging the power cable from the television.

Step 5: Hold on for a minute and then, put the power cable back on the TV and turn the TV on.

Step 6: Connect HDMI cable to Roku as well as the TV.

Step 7: Power up your Roku now. You don’t have to enter any Roku link code like many companies would mention in their troubleshooting process.

The problem of the purple screen is gone, and your Roku device will work normally. If there is any issue, then log onto www support Roku com. They are the ones who will resolve the issue in the best way.

If you think that there is a problem in your Roku account after the whole process that we discussed above, then you can perform Roku account setup again.

How to Activate Netflix on your Device

www netflix com activate

Netflix has overshadowed most of the streaming services that are available on the market. Netflix offers a plethora of amazing digital content that can’t be found on any other platform. But, in order to watch all those contents, you will first have to activate your Netflix. Refer to below-mentioned post for that process.

Netflix is a digital streaming service that you must subscribe to. Netflix is free for the first month, but even after the first month, the services of this amazing platform is quite affordable. Let us find out the process of setting up Netflix on your device.

  1. Check the compatibility: Netflix com activate only on those devices that are compatible with it. There is a big list of devices that are compatible with Netflix. It includes iOS, Kindle, Apple TV, PS3, PS4, Chromecast, Android, Xbox One, Xbox360, Wii, Samsung Smart TV and more. All these devices support Netflix.
  2. Visit the website: Irrespective of your location, go to www Netflix Com Activate from the computer. It will automatically direct you to the website of your location. If you are not registered member of it then click on ‘free one month trial’.
  3. Choosing the Plan: On the next screen, you will see the details of three plans available in Netflix. These plans are basic, standard and premium. You can choose any one on basis of your choice and pocket. The plans are distinguished on the basis of features like HD facility, Ultra HD, watching more than one channel at a time, unlimited movie shows and episodes. All these features are different in a different The basic pack is available for $8 a month and the premium pack is available for $14 a month. You will enjoy 4k videos on the premium pack. Select the pack from Netflix com login link. The premium pack covers all the features discussed above.
  4. Creating a Netflix account: after selecting a suitable pack from the three option, you will be asked to create an account on the Netflix. Enter the details in the related box. You will be asked whether you want to receive special offers on your account or not. Give your consent accordingly. If you come across any issue, then log onto
  5. Payment: once you decided the plan. Now it’s the time to decide the payment option method whether you want to pay through credit card or through pay pal account in order to activate Netflix. If you select the pay pal option then simply enter the email address and password but if you select credit card method then you have to enter the credit card details in the box. Payment method is secure in both the options.
  6. Setting up Netflix: some devices already have Netflix app built-in, some require to download. The ways to download the app on different devices are discussed below.
  • Computer: simply go to the website of Netflix and enter the sign-up details for using the services.
  • IOS: Go to the app store and find Netflix app in it. Download and install it. The size of the file will be 50MB max.
  • Android smart phone: Go to the play store and enter Netflix in the search bar, you will see the app on the first page. Install it for free then launch in the smart phone.
  • Play station: go to the home screen of PlayStation and find for Netflix. You will easily get this app on your home screen within next 10 minutes. You can now easily sign into the Netflix. In case you don’t, then go to com sign in help link.
  1. Start browsing the app: Once everything is done, start browsing the contents on the Netflix. For the first time, it will ask your personal details for filtering the contents according to your profile. You can create multi profiles in a Netflix. If you don’t find anything or facing any weird issue, then visit Netflix help center to know the details regarding the issue and its solution.

Facebook Launches Watch- A Redesigned Videos Tab for A Different Approach


Facebook has been into this business of social media for more than any other social media platform while staying relevant. Facebook has over 2 billion active users. The main source of revenue for Facebook till now has been from advertising and sponsored posts. However, now Facebook is moving into a new direction. One year ago, Facebook introduced a videos tab in user’s feed. Now the tab has been redesigned to “Watch” which can be considered as a YouTube alternative from Facebook. Let’s see in this article how it will fare against its competitors.

About The “Watch”

A year ago, Facebook introduced a videos tab. Once users clicked on it, they could see a variety of videos which was more of a random amalgamation of various videos which are available on Facebook. If you are facing any problem in accessing any feature in Facebook, then consult Facebook tech support. Now, it has been redesigned to watch. Facebook is paying some content creators, namely video creators to create videos for Facebook “Watch”. These can be considered as Facebook original shows.

However, Facebook is not planning to find these shows forever. These originals are planned to be funded till users themselves start uploading quality content for the watch and then gradually all the content will be driven n by users. To know more about this service, contact Facebook customer service. Facebook, can pose a serious threat to major players in video business which includes YouTube, amazon prime video and Netflix.

Facebook also has the numbers advantage. Though YouTube has the monopoly, but the introduction of the watch to Facebook integrates social media with video viewing along with the benefit of not switching websites back and forth for video viewing and sharing. If there is any issue with accessing Facebook video sharing feature, then get in touch with Facebook customer support.

This can be next source of revenue for Facebook since ad revenue for all major players is going down from a long time. this revenue model would also help Facebook to drive ads out of the website and make it ad free while pushing the ads to video platform. Facebook has added many new features on the platform and is planning to add a few more as well. If you can’t access these new features, then find Phone number for Facebook to activate those new features.

redesigned video

This was imminent from the fact that Facebook introduced the videos tab a year ago. Thus, it totally depends on the quality of content provided by Facebook to see if the move brings success to Facebook or not.

There are also rumours of integrating watch with WhatsApp so that users can share videos on WhatsApp and Facebook simultaneously. If you are unable to do so, then call at Facebook contact number. Facebook is planning to stop funding the originals after some time and will make revenue by taking 45% of what the videos earn. This is like the earnings model of YouTube which charges more than Facebook.

It would also be interesting to see if any major players jump ships from YouTube to Facebook since the earnings level is way more than YouTube alongside the numbers advantage which Facebook already has. The “Watch” tab would be slowly rolled out to some users and then gradually to all of them. However, as the reports suggest, watch tab has a lot of features such as suggestions based on viewing history, a discovery menu and a category for videos which are more than 10 minutes long.

Facebook also has a mindset behind this idea that people usually discover videos via their friends and thus Facebook is a perfect platform to do that instead of cross website video sharing. There are a lot of disadvantages too. For starters, the market is full of competitors such as Amazon prime video and biggest competitors such as YouTube. They are already established and have contracts with a lot of big brands for exclusive video content.

It will also be interesting to see in which direction Facebook wants to go. Does it want to go for YouTube type of public driven content fully or for the way Netflix operates which is to buy content and then earnings based on subscriptions? Facebook is experimenting with the content now and user turnout will be the biggest decider.

Hulu appointed Linda Cardenas as head of its user experience team

hulu news

Earlier in this year, Hulu announced that it is working towards bringing more new features and improvements to Hulu to make its customer experience more engaging and enjoyable. It also stated that they might open a Hulu’s user experience operations headquarters at San Antonio. So now the time has come when Hulu has started running its user experience operations office in San Antonio and has appointed Linda Cardenas as its team manager on Monday the 21st of August.

The company officially declared her appointment and stated that “Being the head of Viewer Experience Operations, Cardenas will serve as site manager for more than 500 employees and will drive customer-focused efforts for improving the service operations and create an enriching work environment for the Hulu viewer experience team,” in an interview by Express-News.

According to the LinkedIn page of Linda Cardenas, she joined Hulu in July. The company said that she would directly report to Karen Van Kirk, the Vice President of the Viewer Experience team of Hulu.

It is stated that Company has transferred around 30 of its existing employees to San Antonio, who earlier worked with Hulu at California. The company needs around 500 employees to run all the operations smoothly. Among which at present it has only 30 employees working at its office located in San Antonio. So the company has started hiring for around 470 positions to complete its employee’s headcount. It might take time for the Hulu to make the Viewer experience team completely operational, but still, it is expected that the company might complete its staff by the end of the year 2018.

According to an email sent by Cardenas, she said that “After visiting the Hulu’s office and knowing about the mission, vision, and values of the company, I came to knew that company would change the San Antonio market and I wanted to be part of it.” She told that Hulu’s Company culture is entirely different from all of her earlier experiences. She is very very excited to bring up slight changes by introducing the fusion of cultures of her office in California and Texas. Also, she mentioned that “Hulu’s culture also allows its employees to reinvent the contact center space in San Antonio with a fun and casual vibe.” In an e-mail, she said that “Our community and workforce is different also our team gets to build the San Antonio culture from the ground up. I am passionate about delivering an outstanding service and differentiating ourselves in the market.”

Linda Cardenas earlier worked with SWBC as a Vice President for Customer service staff and the “Voice of the customer” team. She said that although these both companies are quite different from each other still her primary goal is to provide the best experience to its all of its user base.  Cardenas has done her graduation from UT San Antonio, and according to her LinkedIn profile, Cardenas even has a work experience of four years with now-defunct Scooter and Lucent Technologies. Cardenas always tried to explore many different technologies, and now she considers her working with Hulu as an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience about this new technology of entertainment industry.