A Complete Analysis Of Non-Certified Channels On Roku And How To Add These To Your Device?

Non-certified channels are channels developed by channel developer which can only be accessed through a dedicated access code. If you are having this code, then only you can access the non-certified channel. Before going further, let’s discuss what the Non-certified channels actually are?

These are the channels which are not available directly on the Roku app store but is available for a small chunk of users. The developers of these channels develop the channels to test it on a few users. Once they find it successful, they unlock the channel for whole users. The users need to be cautious while installing non-certified channels on the Roku device.

Why non-certified channels on Roku?

As we have discussed in the above passage that developers from different country develop the channels and test it on Roku store on a small set of people. When they get satisfied, they publish all over the Roku store. These channels are particularly meant for Roku employers who test and passes the same.

Why Roku blocks Non-certified channels for some users?

If any Non-certified channel is not following the rules and restrictions of Roku Company, then the company may take necessary action against the channel developer and the user. If a company is violating the rules or showing illegal content on the screen, then Roku may block the account due to the same reason cited above.

How do you check if the company is using the pirated or duplicated content on the Roku platform or not that violates Roku terms and conditions?

All the channels available on the Roku store must abide by the laws and restrictions. It doesn’t test the channel before publication. However, if it comes to a light that a company is using the pirated content or violating the rules, then Roku may stop its distribution among users. The user needs to aware of this thing before installing any non-certified Roku channel.

How to add Non-certified channels?

  • From the computer screen or smartphone, open Roku.com
  • Login to the Roku accounts for verification purpose.
  • Under manage account, go to ‘Add a channel with code’ option.
  • Enter the code on the next screen.
  • Check if any warning message is appearing on the screen.

The channel will not get added automatically at once. You need to wait for 2-3 days till the website gets added. If you want to add the channel immediately, then download the channel from the store and go to ‘Settings’. Click on ‘System’. From there perform a system update.

After downloading the channel, you will have to add the channel immediately. Check the same from the home screen if it started appearing over there or not. You will find this channel under recently added channel list. If you want to move the channel to the first position then either drag-drop it or click on ‘How to move channel’ link.

How to get a refund for the subscribed Non-certified channel on Roku?

It has come to the fore that some users have subscribed to the Non-certified channels without their consent and knowledge. though Roku doesn’t charge for Non-certified channels at all. In case, you are charged falsely, you can ask for a refund from Roku support. They will first examine the issue, then provide the solution accordingly.

What’s New In The ‘Live TV’ Service Of Hulu?



Hulu is among the most popular streaming channels in the world today. When it comes to content that is available on Hulu, you are going to find a perfect balance between quantity and quality. You will find content from various niches and backgrounds, which is truly amazing because only a couple of other apps have the same kind of versatility.

Now, Hulu has brought up a new concept, i.e., ‘Live TV’. Though ‘live TV’ in itself is not a new concept as cable operators are providing this service for quite a while now. But, this particular service has been new in Hulu and there are some changes that Hulu has made after going through the same service on other platforms.

Hulu is betting big on this Live TV service because the company believes that there are many top programmes that they have in the offing in this particular section. Well, that can only be confirmed once Hulu users start using the platform.

What exactly Hulu with Live TV is?

Hulu’s ‘Live TV’ service is a special service that will allow users to watch on-demand TV programming and Live TV on their television screens. This particular service can be related to the ones that people are accessing in Sling TV, Direct TV Now and PlayStation Vue. Having this service means that there is no need to subscribe to any cable TV or satellite TV subscription. This ‘Live TV’ service alone is good enough to entertain you in the right way.

Some people have used this ‘Live TV’ service, and they have come out with certain complaints, some of those being related to their own sloppy internet speeds. But, some have complained that at times, there are too many users watching a particular live event, which make things a bit slower. Moreover, some Hulu users have also complained of the bad user-interface of the channel.

Users accessing Hulu’s Live TV feature usually go to beta.hulu.com, but there, they get limited features. If users wish to access Live TV from their computers, then they will have to click a pop-up that comes at the top of their computer screens. If they somehow close that pop-up, then it can only be seen again if they reload the page. Hulu hasn’t finalized a plan to integrate Hulu on the computer, Hulu with Live TV and Hulu on phone or streaming devices. This lack of integration will create a little inconvenience when you are looking to watch a show on your smartphone that you have saved on your PC or vice-versa.

How much do you have to pay for Hulu?

There is a free version of Hulu available on the market, but if you get this, then you can only access a limited number of movies and TV shows. Hulu has changed a few its services such as, the ad-supported services, which is not available now. Moreover, the company is now associated with Yahoo! Hulu has many shows that it shows for free, and now that content can be watched at Yahoo! View. If you are interested, then you can watch five latest episodes of a top-rated series along with all-new episodes that are going to be added 8 days after they are aired on Hulu.

How To Solve The Sharing Problems On Your Facebook Account?


Do you find any difficulty or is there any issue when you sharing any content on your Facebook account? Don’t worry, you can checkout the problem and it’s solution using following steps.

Facebook is sharing false or incorrect image:

If this happens to you, then there can be the following reasons behind this problem:-

  • The sharing image or logo is not the one which the Facebook uses: Facebook will use the sharing logo or image according to the contents which are being shared by you. It depends on Facebook whether to use image, thumbnail or sharing logo. You can determine the correct image by calling at Facebook Tech support number.
  • Size of the image is smaller than 200 pixels: If the size of the image is smaller than the desired size of the image, then the contents will not get displayed properly or remained hidden. To fix this issue, you must use the size of the picture which is recommended by the Facebook or call at Facebook customer support number to get information about it.
  • Facebook is not updated with the current information: If this is the case with you, then you can resolve it by using the debugger tool. This will refresh the current page of your Facebook and update the information accordingly.

Sharing-a-Post-from-your-Personal-ProfileHow to use the debugger tool:

  • Launch the debugger tool.
  • Click on the URL, you want to share and start debugging. If more than one domain is selected, then pick the primary domain.
  • Click on ‘Preview’ to check the image.
  • If the image is still not displayed on the screen, then refresh it again. You may be required to repeat this process number of times.

Once you use the debugger tool, you need to place the contents again on the Facebook. This time the Facebook will display the current contents or images which are being shared by you.

Clear the cache:

When you connect to particular URL, then the data from the current webpage will be loaded in the computer. If you find any mismatch between the uploaded image and the one which has been shared by you, then you can call at Facebook contact number for help and support.

Pushed contents not working on Facebook:

If you find that the pushed contents are not showing up on the Facebook page, then try the following troubleshooting steps.

  • Check that the Facebook page is not disconnected. If the page is disconnected, then reconnect it again.
  • Check whether the URL or domain of Facebook is working or blocked. If blocked, then call at Facebook help contact

If you find that everything is working normally as it should be, then reconnect the Facebook account again. This will solve the problem.

The social icon is opening the profile but not opening the Facebook page:

If you want to solve this problem, then change the URL of your Facebook profile after connecting to the account. You will get the URL link to your profile once you open the Facebook account. To change the profile URL, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Go to Home menu and click on ‘Settings’. Go to ‘connected accounts’ from there.
  • Tap on the Facebook account. If you find any problem, you can contact Facebook customer service.
  • Open the Facebook account and copy the URL.
  • Paste the URL into the profile URL box.
  • Click to save the settings.

Pushed contents are displayed on the personal profile but not on the Facebook page

If you have selected your personal profile for the contents display, then you will face this problem.

Try the below-mentioned tips to solve the problem:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Connected accounts’.
  • Tap on ‘Facebook accounts’.
  • Open the target drop-down menu and click on the Facebook
  • Tap to save.

Check out the working procedure of HBO GO Watchlist

HBO GO Watchlist

If you are HBO GO junkie, then you can head to adding up your future collection of movies and shows to the Watch list for setting the future streaming plans.

All HBO GO users, how is it going with your HBO GO channel service? Well, there could be many satisfactory reasons to adore the classic HBO’s channel service. The channel has now become the prime source of all the HBO users to catch all the latest and past episodes of all the shows along with the dynamic collection of movies. To access the bunch of such extensive lineup of shows and movies, all you are required to do is just to subscribe the channel service. In the case, if you are not a subscriber, then make sure to get subscribed to the service to get all the entertaining stuff. So, all the non-subscribers, if you are planning to get started with the channel service, then just head to HBO GO activate to activate your service properly.

In the fast moving competition, HBO GO stands out to be one of the fine competitors for all the other streaming services in the market. To maintain the competitiveness of the channel, the company is continuously involved in upgrading the exclusive features and adding the lineup of HBO content to provide the best entertainment to all the users out there.

Well, there is no doubt that you must have been accessing the lineup of many shows and movies on the channel service. Being an HBO GO junkie, if you wish to put the collection of movies and TV shows separately for your future streaming, then Watchlist is the perfect place where you can easily store all the collection that you wish to access in future. The Watchlist is linked with the profile, which signifies that it is available when you head to sign in to HBOGO.com or HBO GO on any device.

Adding to item on the Watchlist-

  • To add the items on the Watchlist is slightly different for all the various apps and devices.


  • Take your mouse to an item and then tap + Add.

Mobile (tablet/phone)

  • Head on to click the title of a movie or show, and then head to click to Add to Watchlist.

Game console or TV

  • Head on to select an item and then select Add to Watchlist.


  • Head to choose the movie or show you wish to add and then choose the (+) icon.

If there is already a movie or show on the Watchlist, you will witness Remove from Watchlist or Remove. All the added movies and episodes remain on the Watchlist until you head to delete them or they are not available on HBO GO.

Note: In you Watchlist, you can’t head to add a whole series of any show at once. Each episode requires adding on an individual basis.

Things you can do from the Watchlist screen:

  • Mobile (tablet/phone)

To view what is there in your Watchlist, head to HBOGO.com and then tap Watchlist in the top right corner. With your Watchlist, you can do the following things:

  • Easy play of any item by just clicking the thumbnail image.
  • Deleting an item: Head on to click Edit option in the right corner and then click the minus image before the item that you wish to delete.
  • To check out more information: Just click on the title of the item.
  • Easily Delete an item or all the items: Just click Edit and then click Clear.


To view what is there in your Watchlist, head to HBOGO.com and then tap Watchlist in the top right corner. With your Watchlist, you can do the following things:

  • Easily play an item by tapping on the Play icon.
  • Delete an item: Head to an item and then tap – Remove
  • To check out more information: Just click on the title of the item.
  • For sorting out your Watchlist- Tap Newset to Watchlist and then choose a sort order.
  • Deleting all the items- Just head to tap “Clear all.”

For other queries related to the Watchlist, you can head to HBO help to get the professional guidance and assistance.