Hulu Live TV Updated UI Will Support More Platforms Than Earlier.

Technical bulls

Hulu live TV service was started years back with the view to entertain users. You can stay updated with your favorite show through this feature. All VOD content is available on Hulu live TV.

Technical Bulls

With the view to reaching to a maximum number of customers’ base, Hulu has recently launched an updated version of the user interface. With this update, it has reached to more number of platforms than earlier. All devices which are running Hulu channel on their platform are already receiving notification for new UI. It has made easy to search for your favorite show or episode.

In the mid-April, the new UI of Hulu will start coming on all the major OS powered devices like LG, Samsung, and on other companies which have launched their product during 2017. Apart from this, if you are having a problem in getting status for your device, then go to official Hulu site.

It has also come to the fore that Roku users will soon get the updated user interface. If you are having Roku 2 or Roku streaming stick 3500X, then you are lucky. You can enjoy the updated Hulu user interface on Roku device. Besides this, the User interface is also available on Roku 3, 4 and other premium devices.

If you are using Samsung device, then you will soon get new user-interface on the device with the help of Tizen powered TV’s. This product is going to launch in 2018. New LED TV is also going to run this UI.

In simple words, we would like to say that if you are using any brand device like Roku, Samsung or LG then you may not find difficulty in updating the UI of Hulu channel. You can easily watch the on-demand program from Hulu live TV feature. There are more than 50 top channels from where you can stream your favorite stuff. One thing that is more famous about Hulu is that it provides best viewing experience to sports lovers. If you want to watch a live match on your TV, then Hulu UI is best

The new version of Hulu UI is available on Apple 4k, Apple TV, Xbox One, Android, iOS Devices and amazon fire TV. If you are the user of any of the above-mentioned devices, then start enjoying the new UI of Hulu. In case you are getting any difficulty in getting the updated UI, then stay in touch with Hulu Support team.

The technical team will guide you in easy and simple manner. If you find a problem in updating the app, then here’s a complete guide available for you. You just call at our technical support number mentioned on support page. The competition among channels on different media players is getting tougher and tougher these days. So, it all depends on you how you take up your device and using the device for which purpose.



How To Use The Roku Enhanced Remote And Voice Search App?

roku player

If you are aware of this thing then it’s well and good if not, then also there is no need to worry. We are talking about Smart search feature which is coming with the Roku remotes here. You can now open the menu and other functions of your Roku with your voice command. You just need a Remote with voice functionality or a voice-based app installed in your Roku setup.

Another point of concern here is that this feature is accessible only from U.S country. If you are living in U.S, then only you will able to enjoy it.

How to get the voice app for Roku player?

To download the app in your Roku app, you need to visit the official play store or iTunes on your Android or iOS-based smartphone. Search for the app and start downloading it. Once the downloading gets completed, install it by reading the on-screen instructions. If you find any problem, you can take support from www Roku com support link.

How do I check whether my Roku remote is voice enhanced or not?

This is another big question which comes to your mind that whether you’re Roku remote supports the voice feature or not. To find it out, you can either check it online from the Roku help link or check the Mic if available on Roku remote or not. If you find the magnifying glass icon on the Roku remote, then it means the remote supports the voice function.

What can you search with voice commands?

You can search all the below mentioned features and functions through your voice.

  • Search for a particular title: If you want to watch the particular show and episode of that particular show, then you can do so with the help of your voice.
  • Search on the basis of actor or director: If you want to watch the latest or upcoming serials or programs of your favorite director, then simply speak the name of the director in the mic. All the results will get displayed on the screen at once. You don’t need to take support from Roku link code.
  • You can search your favorite movies according to the genre as well. Just speak the type of genre you want to enjoy.
  • If you want to swap across the channels, then it will be easy for you through voice search. Just speak the name of the channel. If it doesn’t get receipted, then there is some problem with the Roku account setup. You need to go to account setup page.

Besides this, you can also control the playback mode, broadcasting channel list and smart guide function with your voice. All you need to do is just pick up the remote and place it in front of your mouth.

How to use the Roku enhanced voice remote?

  • Lift the remote in your hand and place the upper part in the up direction.
  • Bring it close to the mouth. The distance between the Mic on the remote and the mouth should be less than six inches.
  • Press the mic button and start speaking.
  • Release the mic button once the voice command is transmitted.

How to troubleshoot the voice recognition issue?

If your voice is not getting recognized by the Roku remote, then it means there is some problem with the speech or the receiver is not receiving the command properly. You can troubleshoot it by calling at Roku support number. The support team will help you in fixing the voice recognition problem.

Hulu No Doubt Is the Best Alternative To Cordcutter But It Needs Improvement


If you subscribed to the cable network which was traditionally used very much, then you need to subscribe to the individual channel. Apart from this, if you want to watch live sports channel or networks like AMC, TNT then also you require network subscription. Sling TV, then released in the year 2015 which was the best alternative to the cable TV network. Later after this, PlayStation Vue was released with the same services.

The services are now configured into beta. You just need to pay $40 per month to access 50 channels. You will able to watch ABC, Fox, CNN, FX and many other big players with this package subscription. You will be very disappointing to know that Discovery communications are not available in this package. Moreover, this also doesn’t support Viacom networks on Hulu plus network. You can’t watch MTV, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon. Apart from this, you can’t enjoy AMC network that consists of BBC America, AMC, and IFC. AMC is the biggest network on the TV and without it, you can’t imagine entertainment on your TV. This may annoy you and you will feel disappointed with the services of Hulu activate on Hulu account.

Besides this, you can enjoy a number of entertainment networks on your Hulu network which includes PlayStation Vue and YouTube. You can watch videos of your choice through this channel. The live access is limited to the location where you are presently living. You can enjoy local contents only on your sign in. If you are from New York, then you can access CBS, Fox stuff and ABC but if you are from Seattle, then you have to rely-on demanded channel only which are available for viewing.

If we talk of the user interface of Hulu com slash activate, then it is properly scrutinized and you will experience best user interface in the Hulu network. Hulu has recently released the new interface for users. It has got a mixed response for it. Some have strongly liked it and some have disliked it. The process of getting Hulu activation code is similar to that of old one.

In the modern era, the new interface is quite fantastic and it looks totally modern according to the new generation. The main problem in the interface is that it is tedious and difficult to understand that’s why some feel reluctant in using it. If you are using the Hulu on iPad, Android, Apple TV and Xbox one, then you can easily navigate through menus with the remote. If you are using the Xbox device, then you can experience the best viewing through additional controller buttons given on the remote.

Despite such facts and features, there is a number of frustrations with the new interface of Hulu channel which is quite reported on Hulu manages devices. You can’t find live TV easily with the new interfacing of Hulu network. It has come to the fore that there are no search button or section for Live TV viewing. The only way to go live is by getting into the ‘Browse’ section, then go to ‘Networks’. Here you will see ‘Playing live’ option on the screen. Click on it to see what going live now.

One of the spectacular feature reported in the new interface is the Rewind option. You can rewind the episode which is currently airing live. No doubt this feature is restricted to some channels only but still you can catch the show from the starting if you have missed due to any reason.