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Six Solutions For ‘Netflix Not Working On Xbox One.

When it comes to streaming your favorite digital content, you have got more options now than ever before. It is not just the streaming devices that stream your favorite movies and TV shows, but you can stream content on gaming consoles as well. Xbox One is one prime example that comes to my mind that streams content in the best video quality. Streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, Amazon Video and many other apps work smoothly on Xbox One.Technicalbulls

Xbox One is not just used for playing games, but many people are streaming their favorite TV shows and movies on Xbox One. If you too are doing the same, then I’m sure the experience of it is great. One of the best apps to use on Xbox One is Netflix, as it has a boatload of movies and TV shows for you to enjoy.

But, what if Netflix cease to work on Xbox One? What are you doing to do at that time? Today, we will find an answer to this problem because this is not a hypothetical question, but is happening with many Xbox One users. Let us find what to do when Netflix stops working on Xbox One.

The first thing that you need to check is whether your Xbox One meets the minimum streaming requirements or not. If you have checked that your Xbox One has all the things that are required to stream content from Netflix in a smooth manner, then you need to follow below-mentioned solutions:

How to fix ‘Netflix not working on Xbox One: The Solutions

Solution 1: Check your network connection speed

  1. You can check the speed by going to ‘’ and then, click ‘settings’.

  2. After that, click ‘Check your network’.

Netflix will check the speed and performance of your internet by reaching Netflix servers. If the network speed meets all the requirements, then you are going to receive a message accordingly.

Solution 2: Restart your Home Network

  1. To restart your home network, unplug Xbox One and modem/router for 30 seconds.

  2. Plug back each device one by one.

  3. Turn on the modem and/or router and wait until all the necessary indicators become stable.

  4. Now, you need to turn on Xbox One.

  5. Open Netflix and try to play anything in it.

If this solution doesn’t work, then you need to try the next one.

Solution 3: Connect Xbox One directly to the Modem

If the internet service to your Xbox One is coming through a wireless medium, then you need to change that. Connect your Xbox One to the modem instead of a wireless router. For that, you need an Ethernet cable, which you can easily get from an electronics store. Unplug your modem followed by connecting your Xbox One to the modem and then, wait for half a minute before plugging the modem back again. Wait until all the necessary indicators become stable on the modem and after that, you need to turn on Xbox One.

Solution 4: Restore default settings of your ISP

If you are accessing the internet on a Virtual Private Network (VPN), then you need to disable that and connect directly to the home network. Alternatively, you can change to a custom DNS setting followed by resetting your Xbox One to get the DNS automatically.

Solution 5: Revamp Wi-Fi signal

Here is how you can revamp the Wi-Fi signal for a better performance:

  1. If the Wi-Fi signal is not Ok in the current location, then consider moving the router to a new location.

  2. Don’t place your router close to other electronic devices as their signals can interfere with the Wi-Fi signal, causing Wi-Fi signal to die out before reaching your devices.

  3. Place the router above the ground, as keeping it close to the floor can cause signal problems.

Solution 6: Consult your Internet Service Provider

If the condition of the Wi-Fi signal doesn’t improve after trying all the possible solution, then you should call your ISP to fix the problem.

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