Roku’s Free Streaming Videos Are Now Available On Other Platforms As Well.

The reason why Roku is so popular in the world is that it focuses only on business and nothing else. Roku was in competition with Samsung, but then, it identified the profit it can make by joining hands with Samsung, so the company had a meeting in which they all decided that Roku should let Roku channel appear on Samsung Smart TVs in the default streaming channels.

Technical Bulls

In 2017, Roku has unveiled a great deal for its streaming players and smart TVs by making Roku channel incorporated into them. Roku channel is a unique service that comprises a number of free TV shows and movies with 50% fewer advertisements compared to traditional linear channels. A number of statements have been issued by Roku in which it said that Roku channel will be available on Samsung Smart TVs in a matter of a few weeks.

Roku has come up with a new strategy in which it has decided to move out of its own TV operating system to gain monetary benefits. Roku decision to add Roku channel to Samsung Smart TVs is a very smart move because Samsung is ostensibly a competitor of Roku, yet Roku has taken the decision of adding Roku channel to Samsung TVs because Roku knows that by joining hands with Samsung, it will get more audience for advertising.

Moreover, it will make Roku channel a more lucrative distribution path for television and movie studios. This move by Roku is similar to what Google has done in the past. Google allowed its apps on Apple devices in which iOS is installed, given that Google is in direct competition with Apple.

Samsung is not going to be the only company that Roku is planning on associating with, as there have been many reports in which it is clearly mentioned that Roku wants to stream TV shows and movies on Android and iOS as well.

So, Roku will indulge in talks with Apple and Google in the near future, and people will be able to see Roku channel on their iOS or Android-based devices. Things get changed dramatically in the streaming world, so people should not take things for granted because one day the scenario is something else, and the next day, it is totally different.

If you have bought Samsung Smart TV and are looking to add Roku channel, then you will have to go to Roku com support in order to find out as to when the integration of Roku channel on Samsung Smart TVs is going to take place. It is only then you will be able to stream content from Roku channel.

It is not known yet as to when Roku channel will appear on iOS and Android, but many experts believe that it is soon going to appear, as the first round of talks have already started. It is a complicated matter because it involves two top companies, and they will have to come onto an agreement, which make Roku channel appear on iOS and Android devices.

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