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Review of Game of Thrones season 7 along with the steps to stream it

Game of Throns season 7 has the best movement scenes for which the fans might be waiting for a long time. It has the best ending scenes that are entirely different from rest of its previous versions. The third episode of Game of Thrones might prove to be the most entertaining one.

The meeting scene of Jon and Dany is much good as it was expected. It has splendid actors. Everone is indulged in the movement for around fifteen minutes. The writing of the scenes is too good that creates a very powerful scene. It depicts tensions with a wrought scene as there are Sand Snakes. Indira Varma has played a great role as Ellaria as she started defiance against Cersei and was entirely broken by the queen at the end. Cersei assures that Ellaria will be forced to see her last alive daughter dying in front of her eyes. Cersei has played a very evil role in this series which is interesting.

The Lannister will evacuate their home to gather some funds to take revenge from a powerful enemy. Rigg has got one of the best standouts which are picturized impressive. It has a great scene where she declares the truth in front of Jaime in the last stubborn moment.

You can easily stream the Game of Thrones for free through HBO GO by following few simple steps. But for this, either you need to be an HBO Go subscriber, or you have to stream this within the free trial period.

If you are a Prime member, then you can add HBO to your channel list. It will cost you $14.99 for each month. Else you can get a free trial period for seven days just for Sunday. If you are using Prime videos as your main streaming service, then there are no day constraints.

Similarly, if you are a Hulu subscriber, then you can add HBO to your package by just paying $14.99 for every single month, but the first-month subscription is free. In case you are already subscribed to Hulu limited, no commercials package or Hulu live TV then you are not eligible for this opportunity.

HBO Now 1” application can be used to stream Game of Thrones. This app can be accessed from almost all the devices using different operating systems may be an Intel operating systems or any Android version. So you can watch Game of Thrones by installing this application on any of your device, irrespective of the operating system used by them.

If you are a student, then you have the best opportunity to stream Game of Thrones as more than 70 college institutions allow free access to HBO GO content. So check if your college provides this opportunity or not and if it provides the free access then visit www.HBOGO.com. Click on the option for “Login” and choose the name of your college under the list of “All Providers.” There might be few restrictions, and if you satisfy all the constraints then you will be able to stream Game of Thrones.

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