Old Shows Will Keep On Reviving By Netflix Because Viewers Love Them

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There are some series or TV shows that you always love to watch again and again. When they end, you just wish that you could say goodbye to your favorite characters from a bit more cessation. Sometimes you watch a series and recalled that time in your life and now you want these feelings back.

How’s it possible? Because old TV shows hardly returns on TV.

But it is possible now with Netflix as it has decided to revive some old TV shows. The streaming provider has successfully revived many TV shows and it doesn’t look like that it will stop this service anytime.

Though Netflix is not the only streaming services who has revived old TV shows or has produced revivals of old series. However, the service has been able to build up some buzz out of it.

From all the accounts “A Year in the Life” did exceptionally well. The buzz in social media has been high till special’s release just after Thanksgiving, and it continued till the holiday weekend. But Netflix has not given any fixed number for any series, so it is not possible to measure the success of revivals.

The startup of Symphony Media analyzes the data to know about the media’s success on platforms like Netflix, which doesn’t use traditional rating models. According to the viewing tally of Symphony, “A Year in the Life” brought in its opening weekend the average of 4.9 million viewers from the age group of 18-49. “The Gilmore Girls” revival seems to have beaten the revival of “Marvel’s Luke Case”, which is an original offering by Netflix, with 3.4 million views. But it failed to beat “Fuller House”, the revival of, “Full House”, which got 7.3 million views in its opening weekend.

These are not the only numbers that company wants. The company wants its viewers to stick to the series through the entire series. As Netflix releases a show’s all episodes simultaneously, so it wants to know whether viewers lose interest after watching one episode or two. According to Symphony’s reports, after watching the first episode of “A Year in the Life”, 83 percent of the viewers stuck around to watch all four installments.

The numbers matter a lot but Netflix doesn’t like talking about it. The first season of “Fuller House” get mixed critical vies but it did very well in its overall season if the analysis of Symphony is correct. Despite low critical view, Netflix launched its next season. Netflix is happy how many people watched the show, irrespective of the views.

After “The Gilmore Girls” and “Fuller House”, “A Year in the Life” has been the recent and most successful revival of Netflix. This streaming service has a lot more wistful offerings that you can check out. You can get all the information about this after doing Netflix com login. you can also use Netflix TV help and Netflix help center.

Wet Hot American Summer is the prequel to the comedy film “Wet Hot American Summer”, released in 2001. So, this revival series is a lit bit different from other revivals. The series got almost the positive reviews and Netflix is planning a sequel to both film and series, which will release in 2017 by the name “Wet Hot American Summer-Ten Years Later”.

Whatever be the reasons for the popularity of these revival shows or series, but Netflix is doing very good by bringing back the favorite shows of its views, that they have loved to watch in the past.