Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Now Enjoy Hulu New Live TV On Cable

You may be late but you can still enjoy the Live TV program launched by major giant Hulu on cable TV. Hulu recently has rolled out a new beta version of Live TV program for Cable TV which is available for $40 a month. You will get live broadcasts from more than 50 channels along with own original channels. This release has been proven a major change in the streaming industry and among its rivals.

The major competitors of Hulu service are Netflix and big cable. If we talk about live or on-demand competitors, then it includes DirecTV now, YouTube and PlayStation Vue.  All these services are providing a special package to the customers in order to minimize the use of cable connection. Among these, the PlayStation is the one, which is offering the highest number of channels to the users. If you go for Hulu, then a complete catalog of on-demand shows is accessible by the users. It includes Handmaid’s Tale and 40+ channels from the location.

According to the spokesperson from Hulu, services offered through Live TV are far easier than on-demand service which is the major reason for this launch. All the TV shows including old and new catalog are available in it.

According to some clients, the company has upgraded the plan and package just as to allure the customers so that they remain to stick to the company. A customer can enjoy the live program as well as normal broadcasted shows with Hulu Live program version. The user-interfacing of new Hulu is totally changed. You will be happy to see the colors and different menus of different colors framed on the screen. If you are using the Beta version of the app, then you may have to face some bugs or issues with it.

The company officials are continuously asking for feedback from the customers so that they can change or modify accordingly. If they find the changes justified, then they will certainly go with that. If we talk in general, then you can say that it is difficult to use a new interface but at the same time, the design of this new version is very attractive and dashing. When asked for buffering and playback issues, Hulu said, they are working on this issue and soon going to come out with the best solution.

The interfacing itself not only makes the Hulu live TV imperfect but the channels arrangement or irregularity according to the local market also makes it worthless for the user. The company in its comment section has replied that they are continuously doing some research and putting their efforts to find out a best possible solution for it. The channels like AMC networks, Discovery communications, Starz, Viacom, and CBS are absent on Hulu network. Rumors related to HBO takeover by Hulu are also prevailing on the internet but no confirmation has been done so far by any of the company.

At last, we can say that despite having too many drawbacks, Hulu still sounds good with Live TV for subscribers who want to cut the cord expenses by going with a Beta program. If you also want best on TV, then hide your card for a while and wait till the time comes. After this, you can enjoy live TV seamlessly.



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