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Netflix Showing Advertising Between Series? Here’s How To Disable It

Are you fed up seeing the advertisements in the Netflix series? If yes, then you are not alone as many other users are dealing with the same frustration. There is nothing that they can do to fix this issue as they believe that this is how Netflix is generating revenues. However, there is a good news around the corner for Netflix users, as Netflix is testing its platform to make it commercial free. Let’s find out more about this story.

Admit it, we don’t like seeing advertisements in between our favorite movies and TV shows. The entire flow of watching an exciting content is ruined when commercials come. The worst part is that when commercials come, they come in numbers, i.e., one after the other. By the time, they are over, you forget as to what was the last thing you watched. The entire mood is destroyed, but this is how it is.

Things can be changed if you are using Netflix, as there is a process by which you can get rid of commercials. Netflix is conducting tests on its platform in several countries, and everything goes well, people will no longer have to watch those boring and annoying commercials ever again.

Netflix is testing the process of displaying advertisements between series episodes. The commercials present other titles of the catalog of the service of streaming that corresponds to the genre of the series that the user is watching. So far, the experiment is being conducted with a small percentage of customers in several countries, including Brazil. According to Netflix, these internal content ads may simply disappear over time if the test fails to get the company’s expected results.

If advertisements are displayed on your Netflix, do not worry. Users have the power to choose whether or not to participate in platform testing. That way, if you consider intrusive ads, you just need to disable the experiment function so that the problem is resolved. Check out how in the tutorial we prepare to follow.

Step 1. Access Netflix from your computer and press your user photo in the upper right corner of the screen. Then go to “Account”.

Step 2. Select the option “Participation in tests”.

Step 3. Click the selection key so that it is in the “Off” position. Once this is done, confirm the action in “Done”.

Ready. This will stop you from viewing the advertisements and will no longer participate in any other testing of the service.

If you have performed these steps, yet seeing the advertisements, then it means the steps haven’t been performed properly, so what you need to do is, go online and search for experts who can help you out with this particular problem. If Netflix is allowing disabling of advertisements, then why are you seeing them? There has to be some problem, which you are not able to see, but experts will. So, get in touch with Technical Bulls to find the right steps to disable the advertisements.



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