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Netflix Secret Menu Lets You Choose The Quality Of Audio And Video, Find Out How?

 Do you know how to select the quality of audio and video on Netflix? If no, then you must have not checked the secret menu that is present in Netflix. Today, we will be discussing that secret menu and will provide you instructions regarding how to use that menu to choose audio and video quality on Netflix.

In Netflix, a ‘secret’ menu allows the user to manually choose the quality of audio and video transmission. Such a function is only accessible through a key combination and is available only in the web version of the streaming application. This makes the feature only benefit users who watch the contents from the computer.

The following tip is useful for anyone facing some kind of problem when watching movies and series available on the platform, especially constant crashes and sudden quality loss. You can choose a smaller audio and video bitrate so that video streaming is no longer interrupted. Here’s how to do the procedure step-by-step.

Step 1. While playing a movie or series, press the following key combination: Ctrl + Shift + Alt + S;

Step 2. A small window with three columns will appear. In the “Audio Bitrate” column you can choose the sound transmission rate and in the “Video Bitrate” column the video transmission rate.

It’s important to remember that the higher the value, the better the video quality and more data will be downloaded – check out your Internet package with your carrier. On the other hand, the lower the value, the worse the quality and the fewer data will be downloaded. So if you’re experiencing crash issues try lowering the bitrate of the video.

Step 3. Another alternative is to select a range between values. For example, by selecting values ​​from 100 to 490, the service will oscillate and vary between these bitrates (within the limit) to provide the best baud rate without the user seeing or feeling any locking.

Understanding Bitrates

Bitrate or bit rate is the transmission rate of audio and video, which is measured in kbps (kilobits per second). It determines the size and quality of a video or an MP3 file, for example.

Imagine that a music file has a bit rate of 128 kbps. This means that each second of audio has 128 kilobits (not to be confused with Kilobytes, whose acronym is KB). The same is true for video files. If the video media has, for example, 490 kbps bitrate, we are saying that every second of that video has 490 kb of data. That is why choosing a lower baud rate on Netflix will consume less data, but you can also experiment with qualities. If you have a good Internet, always look for the best.

If you come across any issue while accessing the secret menu on Netflix, then you can get in touch with Netflix help and support facility. They will be able to guide you in the right way.


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