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Netflix And F1 Team Up For A Documentary Series

A new documentary series based on the 2018 Formula 1 season will be released in early 2019. The series, which will have all the insights of Formula 1, the racers, the teams and the politics behind one of the most lucrative sports in the world will be out in open in this series. The series is going to be displayed on Netflix, so get ready for Netflix Activate users, you are about to go on a thrill ride.

Formula 1 continues to seem to dream. US giant Netflix and F1 have reached an agreement to produce a TV series for the 2018 season. The Box-to-Box Films company has been guaranteed full access to the F1 paddock, the teams as well as the pilots to produce a series of ten episodes. It will be the first time that any TV series on Formula One is coming in front of the people, and Netflix is positive about its success.

Netflix believes that this series will garner a lot of applause and appreciation from people, even those who don’t watch Formula One Racing regularly. The fact that Netflix spending a significant amount of money on quality programming has paid off the company in a great way, and even this time around, the company has bet big on this series. Many believe that Netflix will be able to get thousands of more eyeballs on its network just because of this series.

The F1 details in a statement that the series will “unveil the fierce struggle for the heart, soul, and direction for the future of this multi-billion dollar business.” A lucrative market for Netflix that could recover an audience that usually looks at auto racing. Netflix being the number one streaming service in the world has viewers from different backgrounds and interests, so it will be interesting to see how this series is perceived by the sports-loving viewers, especially who are into auto racing.

Bela Bajaria, vice president of content for Netflix Help, said, “This partnership with F1 continues our motive of working with world-renowned brands and production partners to produce the best-unscripted series.”

“The Netflix Com Activate deal will be used to portray the spellbinding story behind the scenes of a Grand Prix season. It’s a perspective of the discipline that has not yet been revealed to Formula One enthusiasts around the globe. This series will offer a captivating view of the sport that will make fans delightful and will also lure more fans in the future, “said F1 sales manager Sean Bratches.

One of the leading figures behind this project is executive producer James Gay-Rees, who participated in award-winning documentaries “Senna” chronicling the life of the tragically deceased Brazilian triple world champion and “Amy” on the life of American singer Amy Winehouse.

With so many great personalities coming together to make what could be the most amazing and memorable series of Formula 1, there is no other platform to display this series other than Netflix. So, viewers will be eagerly waiting for this series to appear on Netflix. There haven’t been too many sports documentaries until now, and the ones that are available are presented in such a one-toned way that it doesn’t bind the audience for too long.



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