Microsoft Makes Last Ditch Effort To Revive Microsoft Edge By Offering 4K Quality Netflix Content

Microsoft Edge is in a desperate circumstance despite astounding highlights and capacities. The company in a move to resuscitate its solitary internet browser has made an association with Netflix. Together, they will give 4K content to Netflix customers who browse Netflix through Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft has at last moved from its oldest web browser, i.e., Internet Explorer in the wake of having it on all of its Windows versions aside from Windows 10. With the launch of Windows 10, the company chose to bring an end to the Internet Explorer and focus on its new web browser i.e., Microsoft Edge’. Windows users have valued this move, as they too were bored using the bland and unsurprising interface of Internet Explorer.

With a number of highlighting features such as an intuitive user interface, best-in-class security, and low RAM consumption. MS Edge is much better in terms of security when compared to Internet Explorer and other web browsers that are currently being used by users. However, a few features could be added into the browser, still Microsoft Edge seems to have a certain edge over other web browsers in terms of security. This has in fact forced people to opt for more consecrated internet browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and others.

This could perhaps be the reason as to why Microsoft has moved its web browser to 4K spectrum. Microsoft is now associated with Netflix and together; they are going to deliver the best quality content to its users. Those who are using Netflix on Microsoft Edge will be able to enjoy content in 4K quality, but they need to make sure that the MS Edge has been selected as the primary web browser. Users who want to watch content on any other browser will not be able to enjoy it in 4K quality.

Those who want to use Netflix on MS Edge browser will have to make sure that their system meets all hardware related requirements. Despite Microsoft and Netflix bringing 4K quality content at the disposal of users, but if the system requirement is not up to the mark, then they will not be able to use the 4K feature. To play videos in 4K, at least i7 Gen Chipset is required along with a supported display.

Microsoft desperately needs more customers for this particular service, which is why the company is doing everything within its power to attract more customers. Microsoft has also launched two mild attacks at Google Chrome in which the company has said that users will benefit from Netflix on MS Edge, as the battery consumption is going to be less when using MS Edge compared to when using Google Chrome. It is not confirmed as to whether this statement is true or not, but if Microsoft has said it, then it shows how aggressive the company is as of late.

It is uncertain as to whether Microsoft will achieve anything with its 4K campaign or not, but one thing is sure that MS Edge is in a precarious situation globally as the user base of the browser is less when compared to other browsers. Microsoft Edge needs to do a lot in terms of marketing if it wants to compete with top web browsers.

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