Know The 6 Tips And Facts About The Kindle Cloud Reader

Know The 6 Tips And Facts About The Kindle Cloud Reader

Kindle cloud reader is a technique to read the kindle books over the web browser without having kindle E-reader or any other smartphone in your pocket. You just require an Amazon account and any computer for it.

It’s an internet based app that is available for free on read. Amazon. Com. So with this blog post, we will try to let you know about the 6 interesting tips and facts about the kindle cloud reader that are important for you. You don’t need to take any kindle support from the website after reading this blog post.

Now we are going to discuss the facts one by one. Read carefully and grasp them completely.

1. Access the EBooks with the help of any computer and web browser

There is an ease to access the books from any computer and device provided it must be connected to the network. No doubt, you can access easily from kindle E-reader and smartphone as well, but the limitation of must having kindle device is abolished. You don’t need to purchase a special kindle E-reader device for accessing the books online.  Just go to the browser from laptop or computer and enter in the URL field. There isn’t any requirement of kindle help from the website.

2. Service is available for kindle users globally

When it first launched in 2011, then it was available for those kindle users only who had successfully registered on but now, this web app is made available for all users living globally. Users can log onto their account anywhere from the world and read the books easily. Amazon kindle support its services in UK, France, Germany, India and many more. The fashion or style to open a link is same for all the kindle store. You need to write ‘read’ before the actual domain name of kindle com support.

3. No option to add or read personal files

Reading or adding a personal file feature is not available in kindle cloud app likewise in kindle E-reader.  You cannot send or receive any personal file on Kindle Cloud reader, Kindle for Mac and kindle for PC or we can say that you can see only purchased books on your opened cloud tab. Because as per the Amazon perception, their kindle cloud reader service must not be used for reading other format files on their app. For more help and information on management of Mobi EBook files, you can contact at kindle customer service number.

4. Add and read free books from the Kindle store

You will be glad to hear that there is an option for you, to add free book to kindle cloud reader from the Kindle store. It mainly covers:

  • Top 100 free kindle titles.
  • Popular classic sections.
  • Free samples.

To add a Book, simply check the details of that particular book like price of that book. If it is displayed as $0.00 then you can deliver it to kindle cloud reader www kindle com support link or by simply hitting on buy button.

5. Offline reading mode

You have option to read the books that are currently not being on the screen due to poor internet connection. This is possible with the offline reading mode. You can access any book through device or app by simply enabling a Download tab option available on the screen top. If you are using a kindle fire series model, then you can take kindle fire support from the website.

6. Access two accounts at the same time

With the help of kindle cloud app, you can use two accounts on same devices at the same time. Take for example, if you are having mac laptop and want to open the books online then you can simply open the mac app and enter the credentials in one account and open the kindle cloud reader on safari browser for second account.