Know The 3 Reasons for Not Getting HBO Go Exclusively on Screen


HBO has recently announced a press release in which they have stated that some fans will not be able to enjoy HBO streaming service on their TV exclusively. They also cleared that they are not here to make money but to stop the piracy contents.

No doubt, HBO is currently charging high subscription cost from the hordes and they are not in the mood to take extra money from them. They just want to remove the TV complications right now by providing HBO Go activate link to all the subscribers so that they can activate it on their own. Today, in this post we are going to quote 3 reasons why HBO Go is not available exclusively for some people. You must read and understand the reason carefully.

  1. Price difference between the customer expectations and actual cost: If we talk of monthly cable bills, then cable companies are sending tall piles of $80 per month on every network. If we divide this money among the 30 million subscribers, then it comes out to be $7 per subscriber which HBO Go is charging presently from them. On the other hand, if there will be only 15 million subscribers, then this cost will be doubled and each user has to pay $14 per month for the service. This can generate the same revenue for the HBO activate This doesn’t generate any extra profit but simply generate the same revenue. The company is planning to create its own infrastructure for streaming as well as own marketing to promote the product. All these costs are now covered by cable operators. So, if you want to enjoy exclusive HBO contents, then you will have to the subscription cost plus the marketing cost to the cable provider.

According to the company officials, they have told that the cable companies rely totally on HBO service and HBO itself rely on cable Just like Disneyland on a la carte tickets. Cable companies may lose their revenue if the HBO Go starts giving the services independently to the users. In such case, you simply need to activate the HBO go service by clicking on HBO GO com activate link.

It has been confirmed by the Tim Carmody, a senior official at HBO that they are not going to end up their 2 decades old relationship with cable companies until and unless all the customers agree to pay and accept the offer which is being given by them.

  1. It all happens due to Time Warner fault: HBO is wholly owned by Time Warner cable and all other channels like TBS, CNN and Hulu are also owned by the Time Warner If the company starts providing its own services, then this will encourage cord-cutting but on the other side will affect Time Warner business and this is totally bad for HBO Go activate device. For more information related to partnership agreement and guidelines, you can go to HBO Go help link or call at HBO support number.
  2. TV is available at every home: According to the latest reports from the economic survey, more than 105 million customers have subscribed to the multi channel and only 3 million are having broadband connection without multiple channels. Cord-cutting subscribers are still small in the market but are increasing at a steady rate.

So if you like bundling, then you can go with HBO streaming service without cable but if you are against bundling, then you have to go for HBO Go from cable. You will able to watch Game of Thrones and other shows on both the platforms.