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Know About Roku And Which Roku Device Suits Your Need?

We will discuss in detail about Roku in this blog post and let you know the best device for you according to your requirements. The whole concern about this blog post is to make you understand about the media streaming device by the renowned company Roku.

Roku develops plenty of media streamers for different segments in a market. The purpose for all the device is different basis on the requirement. The Roku player has its own operating system which is available on Roku com link. Every video and music contents can be easily played on Roku OS.

Roku supports ‘channels’ in place of apps. The reason is not known but it is in general terms equivalent to apps and services. The list and availability of contents are same on the channels as on the apps. You can access more than 2000 channels through Roku com store.

The unique selling point for Roku devices is that there are all major streaming services under one roof. You will get HULU, Amazon, Netflix and so forth.

Features of Roku OS

The content finding ability on Roku OS is simple and easy. There is Roku search option through which you can easily search for movies, media, actor and director. The results will display on your screen. Rate and subscription charges will also be displayed side by side so that you can choose accordingly.

Roku Feed, another fantastic feature allows you to get the information about the upcoming movie in the cinema. You have option to set the reminder for the releasing date so that you can watch on Roku channel with the help of www Support Roku com link. The fashion for playing the videos on the home screen is similar to that of Chromecast dongle. You have to connect the smartphone with the Roku to play videos through it.

Now we will discuss about the functionalities of different models of Roku available in UK market.

1. Roku streaming stick

 This is the most affordable media stick in UK for enjoying the contents on TV. It works according to its name exactly; streaming+ stick. This is stick for streaming. It plugs into the HDMI port and hide behind the TV. The power is provided through USB port of TV to it. This seems small in size yet it is so powerful because it runs on same OS on which other device works. It provides 1080 full HD video quality on the Big TV. The Dolby digital sound makes the streaming experience better. The HDMI supported DTS digital surround pass makes the experience better. It’s important to mention here that the streaming stick works on Wi-Fi only there is no option of Ethernet port.

There is a need of proper and high speed internet for accessing the contents over the internet.

2. Roku 2

Roku 2 was the previous model of Roku before the launch of Roku3. It has been upgraded with latest processor and advanced features to Roku 3. This is a box with 90 x 90 x 25.4 dimensions. All in mm. It is somewhat similar to the Now TV box which was launched by Roku.

This device is costlier than streaming stick by $30. But you will get more definitely in this box. You are require to set up Roku account for start watching media contents. There is built-in Wi-Fi cum Ethernet port. There is additionally a USB port for casting the videos, photos and music from the local device.

3. Roku 3

Roku 3 is capable of performing all those functions that are performed by the Roku 2. Moreover this model includes the remote for communication. The RF frequencies are used in remote control operation. There is a headphone jack through which you can listen to music privately by muting the sound of TV. You will get Roku link code for each channel that you want to see on your Roku 3 device.

Now you can select any of these model for personal use; depending on the purpose and pocket. You can get it purchased from the Walmart stores.

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