Kindle Fire Vs iPad Air which one is worth buying

Kindle Fire Vs iPad Air which one is worth buying

Are you thinking of buying a tablet and getting confused between whether to buy iPad Air or Kindle Fire then let us help you to find the right one for you.

Market is flooded with numerous tablets some of them are complex as laptops and some of them are simple e-readers. To choose from the bunch of the tablet is a tough choice so it is important to consider your needs and purpose before buying any tablet.

However, if you are looking for some versatile tablet than the first generation iPad Air and fifth generation Kindle Fire which is the range of Kindle which is known for its e-readers worldwide makes an ideal choice. They both offers amazing features such as internet surfing, video streaming but it cannot replace your laptop but you can get  Kindle Fire Support regarding  any technical issue that you might come across handing Kindle fire devices. . However, if you want your tablet for just surfing and video streaming we have given both iPad Air and Kindle Fire a closer look and discuss them one by one.

iPad Air vs. Kindle Fire

The iPad Air:

The iPad Air weighs about a pound and has a larger screen than the iPad Mini. It is easier to hold because of its sleek design which is Apple’s signature. If you already have a Mac laptop or iPhone then Apple’s iOS software makes it compatible with your Apple devices.

Moreover, users get access to Apple’s store for streaming. Gaming, reading books and more. If you are looking for some creativity then apps such as iMovie, iPhoto and GarageBand come with the iPad Air.

However, if you are looking for a device that suits for pocket then it won’t be an ideal option for you. As iPad Air comes with a hefty price like Apple’s other devices. It comes with 16 GB and Wi-Fi connectivity starting at $399.You can also get the first edition iPad Air at a low price on Amazon but it still cost a lot more than Kindle Fire.

If you are looking for a lightweight tablet which you can use for work and play then it is a good option and worth buying the product.

Kindle Fire:

Amazon’s fifth generation Kindle Fire offers all the basic that you need like e-books, apps, games, email and calendars. You also get an advantage if you are Amazon Prime member you get access to movie, TV streaming and music. Plus Amazon’s Android compatible shopping apps gives you access to a variety of free apps and to know more about these services visit Www kindle com support.

If you want high-quality resolution then let me tell you Kindle Fire doesn’t offer good resolution and a visible difference can be seen in terms of performance when multiple apps are opened. Kindle can connect through Wi-Fi but lacks cellular compatibility. If you are not able to connect your Wi-fi to your Kindle you can ask for Kindle Help.

If you want a tablet that suits your budget and offers basic functionalities then go for the Kindle Fire. In addition, Amazon Prime users will get access to a variety of content. Furthermore, it won’t be a perfect device for tech-savvy people.