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Jump Off To The Right Video Moment With The New Scrubber Feature In Hulu App

Watching a TV show or movie from where you left off is not an easy thing in most video players as there is no option to go to that spot from where you’ve left. But, Hulu.Com Account  has come up with a scrubber that will help you exactly do that.

The scrubber is a feature that you will find in most online video players. You must have used this feature, but didn’t know what it is called, so the name of the feature is scrubber and it is a bar that given at the bottom of the video, which allows you to skip around in whatever you are watching.

Finding and accessing this feature is a lot easier on PCs/laptops than on smartphones. Finding this tool on a smartphone is more of a hassle than it’s worth because of the presence of too many tools in a confined space. On most occasions, you will end up watching the same part of your favorite show all over again rather than finding this tool to skip to that part, which you haven’t watched until now. It is very hard to pick up exactly where you left off on the smartphones.

If you are sick of watching the same part of your favorite shows repeatedly or dealing with an unruly scrubber, then you need not have to worry. Hulu com activate has launched a new interface in its app, which has been spotted by several tech experts. This new interface is a lot user-friendly than the previous version. It is now possible for you to directly jump to the right moment on the TV show or movie that you are watching earlier. You don’t have to watch the movie all over again, thus saving you a lot of time and annoyance.

It is quite easy to use scrubber on Hulu. You need to first make sure that you are using the most recent version of Hulu app, which you can check in the respective app store. After that, you need to boot up a video followed by pressing down anywhere on the screen that doesn’t have any button already. After 10-12 seconds, you will see the new scrubber popping up on the screen. In case, you are using iPhone 7 or newer version, then you are going to get a haptic feedback confirming that the scrubber is working.

Now, you will have to keep your finger on the screen and then, slide left to skip backward or right to skip forward. The whole idea is to stop the pointer at that time where you have left seeing the movie/TV show. You will be able to see the exact timestamp in a small gray box, which is given right above your finger. Moreover, you will be able to preview as to what is happening onscreen, thus making it a lot easier for you to find the moment you are looking for in the video.

Once you let go,  Hulu My Account is going to take a moment to reload the TV show or movie. In case, you have subscribed to an ad-version of Hulu app, then you will have to bear with commercials. How many commercials will appear on the screen will depend on how far you have skipped ahead. But, the time wasted to watch the commercials will be a lot lesser than the time of watching the same part again. In case, you are having an ad-free version of the Hulu app, then the video will start instantly from the point that you’ve selected


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