Issues that are common in HBO Go streaming services




With HBOGO com activate link activated on the device, you can watch myriad of programs, TV shows, live content from different actors and directors. Besides this, you can also share the same content with your friend if you wish to do.

An important and most viewed series of episode named ‘Games of the throne’ can be enjoyed on TV screen without any hassle. However, even after having so many features, there are many users who are not happy with it. They find the interfacing of this channel very disappointing one as compared to other streaming channels like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. Although the company is putting its efforts to improve the user-interface.

Today, we are going to shed light on some of the interfacing problems which have been faced by users on HBO Go activate link.

  • Alphabetical arrangement of Movie genre: You will find this arrangement by default in HBO streaming service. To search for any movie, you just need to press the first letter of the movie but we want to mention here that users don’t like to search via keywords rather they search for latest stuff only. They feel reluctant in searching the movie with the name.
  • No search related to the actor: If you love to watch the movies of a particular actor, then you need to enter the name of the movie You can’t search it directly through the name of the director. You can find it by scrolling up and down on the screen.
  • You can’t search via director: Another drawback of HBO interface is that you can’t search your favorite director. There is no such option in the interface. To search for a movie of any director, you need to go through the list of movies in an alphabetical order. The function of searching the stuff is almost same in; activated and un-activated HBO app. If you have activated the app on HBO activate, then you will find no such option of searching via director name on the home screen.
  • Categories on HBO Go are limited: The number of categories on HBO Go is also limited. It includes Family, All and Latino. You can find your content only through these categories. For more help and information, go to ‘HBO Go activate device’ link.
  • No current information about the latest movie: To stay updated, or to watch the latest version of the movie, you are required to open the internet browser from your computer or phone because no such option is given in HBO Go. If you want to get an update on the new movie, then you will have to open the movie with the help of cursor. All the information related to release year, reviews and duration will then get displayed on the screen.
  • No playback functions are available on the home screen: All the upcoming program notification and the playback functions are unavailable on the HBO interfacing screen. To check the notification, you will have to click on ‘HBO support’ link.
  • Episodes are arranged according to FIFO order: The episode which has been updated first in the list will be displayed on the top of the screen and the latest episode which has been recently added will be displayed at the bottom of the page. This sounds amazing but it is true. To watch the latest stuff, you need to scroll down to the last.

This is all about the interfacing problems reported by users on HBO GO page. If you are having any problem related to HBO Go app or page, then get HBO Go help from the online support link or call at HBO support number.

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