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Hulu’s New Update Will Introduce New Live TV Guide Along With Personalized Feature.

Hulu subscribers have now touched 17 million. This streaming channel has now updated its OS version with the new user interface. The company has revamped the old version keeping in mind interest and taste of users. You will find Live TV guide related to what is currently being broadcasted on the channel. Though the version is not available for download as of now, it is in its development phase.

Technical Bulls

  • Detailed analysis of Hulu New live TV guide

The primary objective of this Live TV guide is same as the one tested on Beta version of Hulu app I.e., to provide best results for the searched items. A new thing which you will find in this update is that all the content which are being aired now will only be available for search. Therefore it will be easy for users to find something with specific results.

According to Ben Smith, Vice President at Hulu said that most of the users used to watch on-demand shows rather than watching it live. The live stuff these days are only restricted to news and sports. You will be able to access this new guide from the top left of the navigation screen. When you click on ‘Home’ icon, you will find navigation option at the left of the screen.

You will be directed to different types of interfaces which resemble as if you using cable network. Instead of scrolling up and down to find your favorite show from rows of the channel, new guide will focus only on those programs which are currently broadcasted or going to be broadcasted in the next couple of minutes. You will find this guide easier than the existing one. Ben Smith said, our primary objective was to provide fast speed access to the programs and shows rather than on interface, so they have made its user-interface quite simple. It’s not catchy.

When you scroll down to open any channel, you will find a green label indicating how much minutes more this movie or show will continue. From here, you can easily estimate the finishing time of any show and start of next one. If the show which you want to watch over the air is also available under ‘on-demand’ programs, then you can watch it anytime as per your convenience. You can set a filter for your search on the basis of different categories.

  • Stop suggesting and remove from watch history feature

An amazing feature that you will get in this update is ‘Stop suggesting for you’ and ‘Remove from watch history’ feature. With ‘Stop suggesting’ feature, you can turn off notification for any program which you don’t like to watch. To turn on this feature, you need to click on the button given next to ‘Add to my stuff’ option.

Hulu team has also welcomed the recommendations from general users. All Hulu users can send their feedback on Hulu designed new OS. If they find any problem, they can send recommendations on Hulu Account Sign In official link.

Another best feature which you will find in this new update is ‘Remove items from watch history’. This feature is important from ‘Guilty pleasures’ point of view or if you have shared your Hulu account details with your friends. They may or may not like the recommendations displayed on the screen on the basis of your previous search history.

You can manually mark the things you want to remove from search history.


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