Hulu is bringing 3000 more TV episodes with the 20th Century Fox deal

Century Fox deal with Hulu

All the Hulu streamers, how are you doing with your classic Hulu service? Nobody can deny the fact that in this Netflix era, Hulu has stood out to be the most promising and tough competitor in the lineup of streaming services in the market. By rendering the fascinating features and services, the ultimate streaming service has also marked itself as one of the top user choices for having the quality entertainment at their big screen around the world.

To keep entertaining the users, Hulu has got into a sizable content deal with 20th Century Fox Television Distribution that will permit the Hulu to come up with 3000 more episodes of the popular TV shows, including comedies and dramas to the classic Hulu’s streaming service. The deal will allow the Hulu the streaming rights to many well-known titles, like “Glee,” “Burn Notice,” “How I Met Your Mother,” and “Bones” and it will also provide the full back catalog of the older shows, like “NYPD Blue” and “MAS*H.”

The 21st Century Fox has a third of Hulu streaming service, but Hulu has to move ahead to negotiate for the streaming rights to the content of 20Th Century Fox. However, the deal has finally been done.

In the latest agreement after the declaration of another deal with the 20th Century Fox, which renders the right to the service to extend the offerings of animated series, including the classic shows like “American Dad!”, “Bob’s Burgers,” and “Futurama.”

Apart from this, another deal between the Hulu and 20Th Century Fox has made the whole service as the classic video-on demand subscription home to the amazing lineup of shows including “This Last Man on Earth,” “Fresh Off the Boat,” “Homeland,” and much more in the list.

According to the Hulu, all the TV programs will be wrapped into this latest deal to the Hulu’s streaming service over the weeks. Well, there was no announcement of any specific time frame about the adding up of all the shows.  There are many shows which will get included in the streaming list, but currently, Hulu is not in the mood to unleash the full list of all the shows.

The multi-year deal is for the amazing Hulu on-demand subscription service, including all the customers on the ad-free plans and the limited number of commercials according to the company. This signifies that the all the consumers who have subscribed to the on-demand service will get the ultimate benefit along with those who subscribe to the Hulu live TV.

The Hulu’s live TV service is a fine competitor with the DirecTV Now, Vue, Sling, and many others in the market. But, most of the users are only familiar with the Hulu’s in-demand service, and they tend to make up their mind to catch all the favorites, recent shows, rather than heading to Netflix. But, if Hulu wishes for mind-boggling success regarding the number of subscribers, then it has to add the additional bunch of content to make it feel like there are many things to watch beyond the what you stream on your big screen.