Hulu appointed Linda Cardenas as head of its user experience team

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Earlier in this year, Hulu announced that it is working towards bringing more new features and improvements to Hulu to make its customer experience more engaging and enjoyable. It also stated that they might open a Hulu’s user experience operations headquarters at San Antonio. So now the time has come when Hulu has started running its user experience operations office in San Antonio and has appointed Linda Cardenas as its team manager on Monday the 21st of August.

The company officially declared her appointment and stated that “Being the head of Viewer Experience Operations, Cardenas will serve as site manager for more than 500 employees and will drive customer-focused efforts for improving the service operations and create an enriching work environment for the Hulu viewer experience team,” in an interview by Express-News.

According to the LinkedIn page of Linda Cardenas, she joined Hulu in July. The company said that she would directly report to Karen Van Kirk, the Vice President of the Viewer Experience team of Hulu.

It is stated that Company has transferred around 30 of its existing employees to San Antonio, who earlier worked with Hulu at California. The company needs around 500 employees to run all the operations smoothly. Among which at present it has only 30 employees working at its office located in San Antonio. So the company has started hiring for around 470 positions to complete its employee’s headcount. It might take time for the Hulu to make the Viewer experience team completely operational, but still, it is expected that the company might complete its staff by the end of the year 2018.

According to an email sent by Cardenas, she said that “After visiting the Hulu’s office and knowing about the mission, vision, and values of the company, I came to knew that company would change the San Antonio market and I wanted to be part of it.” She told that Hulu’s Company culture is entirely different from all of her earlier experiences. She is very very excited to bring up slight changes by introducing the fusion of cultures of her office in California and Texas. Also, she mentioned that “Hulu’s culture also allows its employees to reinvent the contact center space in San Antonio with a fun and casual vibe.” In an e-mail, she said that “Our community and workforce is different also our team gets to build the San Antonio culture from the ground up. I am passionate about delivering an outstanding service and differentiating ourselves in the market.”

Linda Cardenas earlier worked with SWBC as a Vice President for Customer service staff and the “Voice of the customer” team. She said that although these both companies are quite different from each other still her primary goal is to provide the best experience to its all of its user base.  Cardenas has done her graduation from UT San Antonio, and according to her LinkedIn profile, Cardenas even has a work experience of four years with now-defunct Scooter and Lucent Technologies. Cardenas always tried to explore many different technologies, and now she considers her working with Hulu as an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience about this new technology of entertainment industry.