How To Solve The Sharing Problems On Your Facebook Account?


Do you find any difficulty or is there any issue when you sharing any content on your Facebook account? Don’t worry, you can checkout the problem and it’s solution using following steps.

Facebook is sharing false or incorrect image:

If this happens to you, then there can be the following reasons behind this problem:-

  • The sharing image or logo is not the one which the Facebook uses: Facebook will use the sharing logo or image according to the contents which are being shared by you. It depends on Facebook whether to use image, thumbnail or sharing logo. You can determine the correct image by calling at Facebook Tech support number.
  • Size of the image is smaller than 200 pixels: If the size of the image is smaller than the desired size of the image, then the contents will not get displayed properly or remained hidden. To fix this issue, you must use the size of the picture which is recommended by the Facebook or call at Facebook customer support number to get information about it.
  • Facebook is not updated with the current information: If this is the case with you, then you can resolve it by using the debugger tool. This will refresh the current page of your Facebook and update the information accordingly.

Sharing-a-Post-from-your-Personal-ProfileHow to use the debugger tool:

  • Launch the debugger tool.
  • Click on the URL, you want to share and start debugging. If more than one domain is selected, then pick the primary domain.
  • Click on ‘Preview’ to check the image.
  • If the image is still not displayed on the screen, then refresh it again. You may be required to repeat this process number of times.

Once you use the debugger tool, you need to place the contents again on the Facebook. This time the Facebook will display the current contents or images which are being shared by you.

Clear the cache:

When you connect to particular URL, then the data from the current webpage will be loaded in the computer. If you find any mismatch between the uploaded image and the one which has been shared by you, then you can call at Facebook contact number for help and support.

Pushed contents not working on Facebook:

If you find that the pushed contents are not showing up on the Facebook page, then try the following troubleshooting steps.

  • Check that the Facebook page is not disconnected. If the page is disconnected, then reconnect it again.
  • Check whether the URL or domain of Facebook is working or blocked. If blocked, then call at Facebook help contact

If you find that everything is working normally as it should be, then reconnect the Facebook account again. This will solve the problem.

The social icon is opening the profile but not opening the Facebook page:

If you want to solve this problem, then change the URL of your Facebook profile after connecting to the account. You will get the URL link to your profile once you open the Facebook account. To change the profile URL, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Go to Home menu and click on ‘Settings’. Go to ‘connected accounts’ from there.
  • Tap on the Facebook account. If you find any problem, you can contact Facebook customer service.
  • Open the Facebook account and copy the URL.
  • Paste the URL into the profile URL box.
  • Click to save the settings.

Pushed contents are displayed on the personal profile but not on the Facebook page

If you have selected your personal profile for the contents display, then you will face this problem.

Try the below-mentioned tips to solve the problem:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Connected accounts’.
  • Tap on ‘Facebook accounts’.
  • Open the target drop-down menu and click on the Facebook
  • Tap to save.

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