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How To Solve The Issue Of Netflix Not Working On Vizio TV?

Netflix works smoothly on all streaming devices, which includes Vizio TV as well. But, if you are using Vizio TV and are not able to access Netflix, then there is no need to worry. You can easily get Netflix to work on Vizio TV after reading this blog post.

Netflix is arguably the most popular app used on all streaming devices. It is hard to imagine a streaming device without Netflix because this particular platform offers more channels than any other network. Vizio TV, a streaming device that can be easily counted among the most popular ones also supports Netflix. For many Vizio TV users, Netflix is one of those apps that they are going to use forever. But, what if Netflix goes down or doesn’t work properly? The entire convenience of Netflix turns into a big frustration. The high dependency of people on Netflix becomes the root cause of frustration and desperation. People want entertainment, and for which they need Netflix, but since, Netflix is down, there is nothing to do except wait….. long wait!

Not exactly, the reason I am mentioning it because there are steps that people can perform to get their Netflix back to its working state on Vizio TV. 

Netflix is not working on Vizio TV

When you see this problem, the first step that you need to do is, start the recovery process. It is important for you to know the problem if you want to fix it adequately.

The most common among the issues for a malfunctioning Netflix is a bad internet connection. You will have to check your television’s internet access settings.

How can you check your Vizio TV’s internet access?

  1. You need to press the menu button on the remote of your Vizio TV.
  2. Locate the ‘Network’ section and press ‘OK’ button on Vizio remote.
  3. After that, go to the ‘Test Connection’ option and press the ‘OK’ button.

You will see the information regarding the network connection. It will take a couple of minutes for the device to finish the testing of the connection, so stay put. When the page has done the loading, you will have to find an option labeled as ‘download’.

There is no need to do reinstall the app, as this is completely irrelevant. The internet speed needs to be around 1000 kbps, and if you see this figure, then you can say that the internet is working fast enough to use Netflix. Don’t uninstall anything because it won’t solve the problem. You can log onto in case you come across any issue.

The problem occurs when the internet speed is less than 1000 kbps, as then, you will see the content either stopping in between or not playing at all. If you see a message like ‘download not available’, then your TV is not connected to the internet. You need to check this by going to sign in the help page.

But, if you have uninstalled the Netflix, then you should get the new version of the software and don’t forget to activate from www Netflix com activate website. It is very important for you to activate the device, otherwise, you will not be able to access full content that Netflix has in the offing.

Netflix found no internet connection, but the internet connection is working properly.

On a few occasions, you will find that Netflix is just not picking the internet connection, so again, there is no need to do Netflix com login and change settings because that will not solve the problem. You will have to power cycle your Vizio TV

  1. Turn the TV off.
  2. Remove the power cord from the main power point.
  3. Press the power button and hold it for 15 seconds, but make sure the TV is not plugged.
  4. Finally, connect the power back on to the TV and turn the TV on. If nothing works for you, then visit online Netflix help center.

Now, check if Netflix is working. 9 out of 10 chances, Netflix will work, but if not, then you will have to take the help of experts. They will check whether your Netflix com activate or not. If no, then they will activate your Netflix.


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