How to solve Hulu issues on windows devices?

hulu issue on windows

Due to hardware and software differences users with different versions of windows face multiple issues while streaming Hulu content on it. If you also face such problems, then go through the following help procedure for fixing it.

Although streaming the Hulu content is quite straightforward and easy still people come across a variety of streaming issues while watching content on window devices. It may be because the windows devices used for streaming have different versions due to which there hardware and software is different from each other. This difference leads many Hulu streaming errors like playback issues, PB3 error, PB4 error, etc. So today we will discuss the Hulu help steps to overcome the error situation.

  1. Playback issues: If you face streaming issues while streaming Hulu content on windows devices with version 8 and 10, then go through the following help steps.

Power off your windows streaming devices and all the internet devices for around 60 seconds.

Full stop the Hulu application:

  • Press ctrl+alt+delete using keyboard input and choose the option for Task Manager.
  • A list of running tasks will open up so select Hulu from it.
  • Click on the button for End Task.

Reset the Hulu application on your Windows device:

  • Open the Home screen and hold down the Hulu app
  • Move the cursor over the icon that looks like three vertical dots present at its lower side.
  • A menu will open up so click on “More” and click on the option to “Uninstall.”
  • Open the Windows App Store and type “Hulu” in the provided search field.
  • Click on After you find the Hulu app in the result, click on it and tap on the icon to “Install” it. Wait for the completion of installation process.

Turn down the DRM settings during playback: huluapp

  • Open the Hulu application and click on the settings icon.
  • Locate the gear like
  • Swipe the settings to Off for SW DRM.
  1. PB3 error: This error occurs due to the presence of improper audio and video drivers. So replace them with Microsoft’s signed drivers as they keep the content safe.

Resolution: Update the firmware of your windows streaming device and ensure it gets updated with the most recent one available at that time. In case the error is still not fixed, then try to perform manual updates to your Audio and Video drivers. Open the control panel to locate the audio and video cards on your device. Select the option for system and security settings. Click on device manager and choose the option for Display adapters. Locate your drivers and double click on it. Open the menu for driver and click on “Update Driver.” It might fix the issue but if it is still not resolved, then report the problem to the manufacturer of your device.

  1. Error PB4: This error occurs if you are using windows with the help of a virtual machine or if the drivers of your device are not updated. This error can also occur if you are streaming Hulu on any partitioned computer like Macbook. So avoid streaming Hulu on Mackbooks and keep your device updated to the latest version.

So this was all you need to do for solving some common Hulu errors that frequently occur while streaming on devices with windows operating system. Remember you should get always get Hulu support for fixing all the errors related to Hulu.

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