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How to solve Hulu app error 16 and Time/date on Samsung devices?

We heard that a lot of users are unable to sign in to Hulu app on their Samsung devices as they get error code: 16 or time and data error. If you also face such issues then just go through the following procedure to solve them.

Hulu error code 16 comes up along an error statement saying that your account is not valid for this region. It indicates that the IP address is being directed through an anonymous VPN. Whereas, the Time and Date error occur if the time and date on your device do not match with the actual time and date of your Network and area. So, looking forward to the solution of these errors, today we have few straightforward and easy troubleshooting steps that might fix the issue. So just follow the below mentioned Hulu help procedures to solve these errors.

  1. Error code 16: If ever you face a Hulu error 16 on your Samsung device, then perform the following checks.
  • Verify the wireless proxy settings: Tap on the “Settings icon” present in your Samsung device. Click on the button that looks like a Blue colored It will display the network setting for Wi-Fi. So, verify that the Network configuration is correct. Move down to the bottom of that screen to check if the Http Proxy settings are Off. If not then set it to Off and then try streaming the Hulu content.
  • Verify your Profile settings: Tap on the Settings icon and open the General settings. Move down to the end of that page and select the option for “Profiles.” In case you are unable to find the option for Profiles, then you should proceed towards the next troubleshooting step mentioned below. Else, if you can find your profile configured under the list on that page, then select that profile and click on “Delete Profile”to discard it. Now try to stream the Hulu content.
  • Make sure that the Wi-Fi network is switched to “transparent proxy” mode: To check this you should join a different Wi-Fi or cellular network if it is available for your device by turning down the WiFi settings.
  1. Time and date error: Go through the following steps to solve the error related to incorrect time and date.
  • Restart the Hulu application by closing it and opening it again after 20-30 seconds.
  • Re-activate the Samsung device on your Hulu account by first deleting it from your Hulu account and then activating it after 30 seconds. Go through the following procedure to do so:
  • Uninstall the Hulu app present in your Samsung equipment.
  • Open the browser on any of your devices connecting to internet network and type the URL as
  • Log in to your account using your Hulu
  • Once the account opens up, go to the option for Device management and click on to Manage your Devices.
  • Click on the icon for trash present in front of your device name.
  • Open the Hulu app present on your Samsung device.
  • Click on “login” and type in your Sign in details.
  • Click on the option for logging Online.
  • Open the browser on any of your devices connecting to internet network and enter the URL as and type in the activation code received on your Samsung device.
  • Your device will be re-activated once the activation code is verified and the activation process has been completed.

So, these were few steps you need to follow for solving the respective error situations. Also feel free to get Hulu support if ever you face any problem with Hulu.


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