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How to solve HBO streaming problems on Computer?

Many people face the problem with streaming HBO Go content on their computer like sometimes the video quality is not acceptable, black screen, etc. So, today we have some important steps to guide you on resolving the issue. So just go through the following steps to solve the problem.

Many people who use their HBO GO account for streaming content on a computer tend to face the buffering issues like video playing with frequent pauses, black screen, unable to play video, etc. There are several reasons behind these problems for e.g. If your browser is out of date, compatibility issues between the flash player and your browser, speed of the internet connection, etc. In spite of these challenges, you can quickly resolve the issue with the help of following troubleshooting steps.

Basic troubleshooting steps for HBO GO streaming issues on the computer:

  1. Shut down your computer and turn it On after few seconds. To do this close all the windows or tabs that are open on your computer. Go to the start option or the windows icon at the extreme bottom left of your computer’s home screen and select the option for “Restart.” After the computer restarts, open the HBO GO application and login to your account. Now click on any video to play and wait if it plays or not. In case it does not play then try the other troubleshooting steps.
  2. Check if the browser compatibility: Verify that you are using the latest version of your browser if not then try to update the version of your browser. Ensure that your browser supports the playing of content from that links. Try to check the settings and make sure the administrative setting are not blocking the site.
  3. Delete the browsing history of your computer: Go to the settings menu. A list of options will open up. Click on the option for “Browsing history.” Click on “Delete History,” it will then ask you to select the period up to which you want to remove History.
  4. Ensure you not using an outdated version of your flash media player: Ensure you have the latest version of media flash player and the setting are enabled to play the content.
  5. Check few things related to your browser settings: Check if the option for third party add-ons is On. Ensure the private browsing is not On, it should be kept off. Additional adds blocking option should not be enabled. Disable the plugin options for privacy settings.
  6. Delete the cache cookies of your flash media player: while playing a video in the media player set it to “pause.” Now move the mouse cursor over the paused seen and then press right click. Click on the option for global settings from the list of choices displayed. A new window for options will open up. Go to “Settings Manager.” Choose the option for web storage. Now click on the option to “Delete all” and press “Ok” to surely delete the sites. Exit that settings menu. Close the current browsing windows and open the new browsing window after 5-10 seconds. Open the HBO GO account and try to stream any video.
  7. Refresh the permit card files of your media player: To reset these files just go to settings. Find the option for protected content then click on to reset the license files.

Performing all these troubleshooting steps might resolve your issue but if the problem is not solved then visit the HBO GO page for more help options.

So this was all about the few basic troubleshooting steps you need to perform to solve the streaming related issues on the computer. Visit the HBO Support page for more advanced troubleshooting steps related to other HBO Go problems.

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