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How to solve Facebook related Login issues?

If you are facing trouble while login to the Facebook account, try to cross check your username and password. Maybe the email id and password which you have entered is wrong.

Facebook users might face some login issues; it can be the issue while entering wrong password and email. Here are some steps which will tell you about resetting your password if you forgot your password and how to recover your account.

Having trouble logging into Facebook account

The first move is to check your email and password. Your email address and password must be the same which you have entered at the time of registration. But if you forgot your password which you have entered then follow below steps to reset your password.

  1. Go to the home page of Facebook. There you will see a link, i.e., forgot the password, so click on that link it will navigate you to another page and will ask you to enter your email which is registered with the Facebook account. Enter the email address and then click ok. On your registered email id, you will receive a link from Facebook site. Then click on that link through that link you can change your password. Remember you can also get help from Facebook Tech support.

How to reset password if you are already login

If you want to reset your password of Facebook account if you are already login then follow these steps to reset the password:

At your Facebook page click on the upper right corner the symbol of the downward arrow and select the option settings. After clicking on the Setting menu, you will see there are many options; you must click only on Security and a login button. Then click on change password, it will ask your old password and new password to enter and renter the new password. After entering the old and new password then just click on save changes button. In few seconds your password has been modified.

  • Click on downward ^ option
  • Select settings
  • Click change password
  • And last click on save changes

Facing trouble to log in with your mobile number

Users can sign up with the mobile numbers or email addresses. If you are experiencing trouble with Facebook login with your mobile number, then check your mobile number, it must be the same for which you have signed up t will also include the country name.  Do not write zero or any special characters such as plus sign (+) before your mobile number. Even if you are facing problem to log in and forgot the password, just click on the forgot password link, it will help you to change the password. Remember Facebook help number is always available to assist you in solving the problem.

Every time asks security code if you log in

If you are using the feature of two-factor authentication and you are login to any other device, then it will confirm it to you that it is you who is login in other device or maybe someone is trying to hack your account. It is the security feature to protect your account from hackers.

So, there is some problem which users can face while login to their Facebook account. Although you can follow all the above steps for resolving problems related to Facebook, still if the Facebook logging issue persists, then please contact Facebook support.


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