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How To Set Up New Profiles In Your Netflix Account?

Netflix is a revolutionary streaming service, and there are many reasons behind that claim. Netflix not only has the biggest repertoire of content, but it also provides the best service to its users. Netflix allows users to create multiple profiles on a single subscription, a feature that is not available on any other streaming service till yet. Find out more about this feature and regarding its set up process in the section below.
Every person has his/her own personal preferences when it comes to watching content on the TV. You will find a lot of differences in the preferences in one family consisting of four members. Even a couple has different content related preferences, so streaming devices must pay heed to this particular aspect and come up with a solution that benefits all.
Fortunately, Netflix has found a solution to this problem by allowing people to create multiple profiles on a single Netflix account. If you don’t know what that means, then let me simplify this for you.
Netflix launched a feature called “profiles” a few months ago, which gives users the option to register up to five custom accounts within a single subscription. Therefore, if you are living in a family of five and with one Netflix subscription, then you can create five different profiles, one each for your family member.
With that, they will be able to watch what suit them and the same thing goes for you. In this tutorial, we will be providing instructions related to how users of this amazing video streaming service can create their profiles.
Step 1 – When the feature is available in your account, the first time you log in it will receive a message asking “Who is watching?” Then just click “Add profile” to create a profile.
Step 2 – Soon after, you will have to fill in your profile information, such as the name and Facebook account information you wish to link to your Netflix account. You can then add a profile image to identify it when you log in.
Step 3 – After that, the account will be registered and can be accessed from the Netflix home menu. Just click on the person’s name and open the “your account” menu where there are a “manage profiles” option.
Step 4 – In this screen, you can see that profile you just created and then create another profile, if you wish. Just click on “add profile” and follow the procedure. You can also click “edit” to customize that newly created profile.
Step 5 – Ready! Now, every time you log in, the screen that asks who is watching the video will appear and each user will choose your profile, which makes the experience even more personalized in Netflix.
You can avoid a lot of fights between your family members that occurs while watching TV because each one of those will have a different profile with their personally selected content. So, they can watch that content at will, thus resulting in a lesser fight for the TV remote. This is a great initiative by Netflix, which should be followed by other companies as well because it doesn’t make sense to have multiple accounts of the same streaming app in the same house.


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