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How To Resolve Netflix Error Code ui-800-3 On Xbox One?

Netflix, a streaming app that needs no introduction can be accessed from Xbox One as well. If you were thinking of the Xbox One as a gaming console, then you are wrong. Yes, it is a gaming console, but you can stream digital content through it as well. But, this is where the problem occurs in Xbox One. People when trying to stream anything through Netflix, which is installed in Xbox One are facing Netflix error code ui-800-3. Let us find out what this error code is and how to overcome it.

Xbox One users are seeing an error code while accessing Netflix. The error code is ‘ui-800-3’, and due to this error, people couldn’t stream anything through Xbox One. Let us discuss five solutions to fix this problem.

Solution 1: Log out of your Netflix app

To fix this problem, you need to log out of the Netflix app. Log out, wait for a few seconds and then, log into the app again. To perform these steps in detail, read on.

  1. Launch ‘Netflix’ app on your Xbox One.
  2. Go to ‘Menu’ or press ‘B’ Button on Xbox One.
  3. Select ‘Settings’ from ‘Menu’.
  4. Select ‘Log Out’ now.
  5. After logging out of Netflix, wait for a few seconds before logging in back on Netflix.

If it solves the problem, then it’s good, but if not, then you will have to move onto the next solution.

Solution 2: Reinstall the Netflix app

You can try reinstalling the app to fix the problem in Xbox One. For reinstallation of the Netflix app, follow below-mentioned steps:

  1. From ‘Xbox Dashboard’, select ‘My Games & Apps’.
  2. From the ‘Menu’ Bar, which you can find on the left, you need to select ‘Apps’.
  3. Highlight ‘Netflix’ app followed by pressing the ‘Menu’ button on ‘Xbox One’.
  4. Select ‘Manage App’ button.
  5. Select ‘Uninstall All’ option a couple of times to confirm.

Once the app has been uninstalled, you will have to install it again. For that, here are the steps that you can follow:

  1. From Xbox ‘Home Screen’, navigate to ‘Store’.
  2. Then, select ‘Netflix’ in the ‘Apps’ section.
  3. Select ‘Install’ option and then, wait until Netflix gets installed on Xbox One.

After the app is installed, check if the error persists or not. If it persists, then try solution number 3.

Solution 3: Check DNS Settings

On a few occasions, DNS settings can interfere with the Netflix app and can also result in Netflix error code ui-800-3. You can check DNS settings to fix the issue. Follow below mentioned steps to check and fix DNS settings.

  1. Press the ‘Menu’ button on the Xbox One followed by selecting ‘Settings’. You can select ‘Settings’ from ‘Home screen’ as well.
  2. Now, select ‘Network’ followed by ‘Advanced Settings’.
  3. Open ‘DNS Settings’ followed by selecting ‘Automatic’.
  4. Press the ‘B’ button to save all the changes.

Once you have changed the DNS settings to automatic, launch Netflix app to determine if the error is resolved or not.

Solution 4: Reset Netflix

If you want to reset Netflix, then wait until you see the error message on the TV screen. Once you do, select ‘Reset Netflix’ option. Restart the app once the app resets.

Solution 5: Reinstall Netflix, Turn on ‘Power Saving Mode’ and ‘Turn Off Xbox One’.

Reinstall Netflix followed by turning on ‘Power Saving Mode’ on Xbox One. For that, you need to uninstall Netflix app followed by changing Xbox One settings to ‘Power Saving Mode’. Now, hold the power button down until you see a white light on the screen, which is changed to the orange. Disconnect Xbox One from your TV followed by waiting for a few minutes. After that, connect your Xbox One, turn the device one and then, install the Netflix app again.


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